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Why are Gold, Silver Mining Share Prices Not Moving Higher?

by Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold Seek:

This is perhaps one of the most asked questions among gold investors today. But the answer is not a simple one. It goes to the basics of which people invest in gold in the first place and what form of gold they buy. In this, the first of a two part article, we delve deeper into this subject.

Who Buys Gold?

It’s so easy to become short-sighted in the different facets of the gold market. In the U.S., it’s easy to believe that gold price rises seen since 2005 are due to either the economic outlook of the U.S. or the strength and weakness of the USD. There’s no doubt that in the short-term, gold price movements are driven by traders focused on the exchange rate between the dollar and the euro. But what gold are they buying?

The sophisticated trading operations and tools available in the developed world are able to discount such moves quickly and dramatically, seemingly providing such gold and silver price dominance. Looked at on a day-to-day basis, the evidence of such dominance is overwhelming. The volumes of gold bought and sold daily are enormous. But are they buying the sort of gold that moves the gold price?

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