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Wearable Electronics A Second Skin “The Mark of the Beast”?

from ExperimentalVaccines:

This new wearable electronic technology is called “epidermal electronic system” (EES) it allows for a circuit to be fixed to the skin and moves with the body; stretching, bending and twisting without damaging the circuit. This is the first wearable technologies to be marketed under the guise of hip and cool targeting the tattoo enthusiasts with integrated LED’s, transistors, wireless antennas, biometric sensors and radio frequency capacitors.

Big pharma have already concocted a way to embed microchips into medications to monitor patient compliance sending information to a patch worn by the user which relays biometric information to the doctor. How many different applications for surveillance can you think of for this wearable WIFI device? Will the medical industry use this technology to spy on you by monitoring your brain waves, moods and negative thoughts while receiving medications for anti-depression or anxiety?

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2 comments to Wearable Electronics A Second Skin “The Mark of the Beast”?

  • Mr Numbertaker

    No – not the mark of the beast, however all of these ‘advancements’ are another step along the road of conditioning for people to accept such things.

    There are specific conditions and obligations (hoops to jump through if you like) which must be willingly followed before the ‘mark’ is given. These conditions are of course open to interpretation but the Torah, Bible, and Quran give very similar warnings.

    PS, You dont have to be religious to see where this technology is going and the inherent dangers that go well beyond any Orwellian nightmare.

  • Tony

    The mark of the beast is already with us, always has been, it’s now becoming more evident as new technology advances.

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