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Wausau WI Police Dep’t. Calls Out Its MRAP Armored Military Vehicle After Drive By Shooting

I received this e-mail from a reader tonight:

SGT, I recommend your site quite often and you’re helping bring people around, including my friend. Here’s what happened to him last night.

At approximately 3AM on Sunday morning (August 5th) there was a drive by shooting next door to his house in Wausau, WI. Wausau is a fairly small city with a population of around 40,000. About twelve hours after the drive by shooting, this military style vehicle rolled out at approximately 3PM and parked in front of my friend’s home.

I ask, what the hell does Wausau Wisconsin need with this armored military killing machine?? Notice the turret on top. According to my friend this is a police vehicle. It rolled down the closed street with its red & blue lights flashing.

If Wausau Wisconsin has one, how many of these are floating about the country, hidden from view?

Sorry to say this is the only photo, nobody was able to leave their home (12 hours + after the event, with no threat of a future shooting). The vehicle rolled up and the driver got out for a minute, got a quick photo, and he pulled into the yard of the neighbor and we were then unable to get anymore photos. I thought this needed to be out there for the world to see. This is not NY or LA, this is a small town of less than 40,000 people in central Wisconsin. There are 40 homes on the dead end street. This is getting the populace accustomed to seeing military style equipment. Thanks, I hope you can share this with your readers. – Tom

Here’s my response:

Tom, thanks for taking the time to get this out. The vehicle appears to be some type of MRAP. As I wrote in this article “We’re entering into an age of deception and betrayal, by our own government“, the MRAP is a “Mine Resistant Ambush Protected” vehicle. The totalitarian monster SUV was designed to replace the Humvee commonly used in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Humvee provides little protection for its occupants, making it an easy target for IEDs and other armor penetrating weapons. The defense department sought a new vehicle with a much higher level of armor and attack survivability. The end result was the MRAP.

Of course now, instead of being in the hands of troops in off-shore wars, MRAP’s are being loosed on the people of the United States via an increasingly heavily armed Department of Homeland Security.

The signs of the police state now enveloping the people of the United States are all around us. From the Patriot Act to the Military Commissions Act to the NDAA s.1867 to endless Executive signing orders, the threat to our liberties has never been greater. And the source of most of these threats is not an external enemy, it’s our own government, says James Wesley Rawles.

The time for people to stand up and speak out against this unfolding tyranny is at hand. As long as we have the first amendment, we need to scream at the top of our lings – to our friends, to our neighbors, to anyone who will listen. This is NOT how a healthy Republic is intended to function. So the painful question we must all face is this: If we no longer have a Republic by and for the people, what DO we have? For those of us paying attention, it appears to be nothing less than a fascist police state. ~SGT

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12 comments to Wausau WI Police Dep’t. Calls Out Its MRAP Armored Military Vehicle After Drive By Shooting

  • GoodOleBoy

    They are building an army of slave masters.

    What I am happy to see is that we get info like this from someone that is at the event and before it is twisted by would-be journalists. If we can build a network of people all around the country that take pictures and report on events as they happen, then it would force the media to somewhat report the truth because the information on what really happened is already in public view.

  • Tony

    The police & military must see what they are being ordered to do to innocent American Citizens & Innocent people throughout the world. I can not conceive them doing this willfully. I must conclude there is a force so evil, perhaps demonic at play here. I don’t know but nothing else makes sense.


    Agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ This is NOT how a healthy Republic is intended to function. So the painful question we must all face is this: If we no longer have a Republic by and for the people, what DO we have? ‘

  • A047

    Here is a perfect example of WASTED TAX dollars. They wanted it. They put it in the budget. They bought it. Now they want to flex a bit of muscle. Will Americans kill Americans? Civil War ring a bell? Y’all best be getting guns and ammo NOW. While you still can.
    Semper Fi

  • hoser

    In the movie, Blue Thunder, the FEDs stir-up trouble so the police can roll-out a new attack helicopter. This looks highly suspicious to me.

  • bud

    Right. Question: Who did the shoothing? Or, Who put them up to it? An old and oft used trick inspired by a guy named Hegel. A passport didn’t happen to blow out their window, or at least a highschool ID, did it?

  • Thomas T. Tinker

    the state of ohio has a rather large supply of these custom painted mraps. my county sheriff has one…. these are sold or given to ‘local’ law by the dod. opinion… there may be more of these deployed in the states… than iraq or afganistan. why you may ask…. because the price is so right and because… they can!

  • CMA

    Well I have to tell you that I saw the same type vehicle parked at a FATZ Cafe in Marion, NC…June 1, which is a small town east of Asheville. It was army green. I couldn’t believe it. Thought the exact same thing. What on earth does the police dept. need such a vehicle turret and all! Should have snapped a pic as well. Thought I would mention it for the record.

  • Mike F.

    See how long can you stay in one of these while it is burning from Molotov cocktails?

  • CMA

    forwarding info regarding the shooting death of Seth Adams… where I live….too many unanswered questions..

    I do my garden shopping at the garden center where this took place. All police officers have to be accountable for their actions. Signatures across the country would be greatly appreciated for this case to have a fair investigation…given some of the questionable actions by Sheriff Bradshaw in the past.

  • First off, I don’t care what the official numbers say, Wausau is more like 110,000 people. That’s because rib mountain, schofield, weston, and riverview are all essentially wausau as well. they play out as one large city, Second of all crime in the city has gone up drastically. It’s one of the reasons I moved to merrill, wi.

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