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Warning From Former Director CIA and DHS Personnel: Civil Unrest Ahead

from NewAmericaNow :

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6 comments to Warning From Former Director CIA and DHS Personnel: Civil Unrest Ahead

  • David Liberty

    Interesting … I wonder if there is a way, a site to track food supply and distribution. Reason being, to signal the heightened probability of an event occurring.

  • Ed_B

    I’m wondering if all of the government prep activity for civil unrest will not end up becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. The government bungling of the US economy will likely be the root cause of any such unrest. If they really don’t want unrest, perhaps they should address its root cause?

    I’m also wondering if those in charge of the US government have the intelligence necessary to recognize the difference between the government and the nation. It is their job to protect and defend the nation, its citizens, and its interests and NOT the government.

  • Troy

    Food, I have food! While the masses are tearing the stores apart, I will be eatin good in my prepper SHTF location…heavily armed with strength in numbers. 3″ double ought buck rules in my lo-cal. We got silver, we got food, we got like minded, heavily armed people in our group. 100 strong. Get your group together ASAP

    • Frank Zak

      I just started buying canned food this week and
      for the first time had a talk with my wife about it.

      What set off the trigger in me was a recent article
      by Mish, Mike Shedlock on Spain. I am an accountant
      and for really the first time, got proof the Euro cannot
      survive. There is not much question Italy will be shortly

      They will default like Greece at some point. Germany will
      not allow much printing, i e hyperinflation due to their past
      history with Weimar.

      The only solution to this I can see, is the same solution
      Weimar Republic used to stop hyperinflation.

      Backing the currency with productive land. I really don’t
      think gold, or oil, etc. can fill the bill. No synthetic system
      can save us.

      Everybody understands productive land as a hard asset. Large tracks
      of federal and state land could be used to back the dollar.

      There are some very stange rumors the USA has backed Chinese
      debt with us by giving them rights to take some USA land in the
      event of our default.

      When you start hearing land rumors, it will be time to be very
      worried. Beacuse a currency collaspe may be right behind.

      The experts seem to think 5 years. Medicare will blow up the USA
      budget at that time. But, Europe could go at any time making
      banks insolvent before this.

      I have a great fear of a flash crash. I can see the entire system
      collasping in micro systems due to rehypothecation.

      Bank and stock accounts would be gone completely.

      • bubba

        Hi Frank. I am more of a common sense guy than anything.

        Why would the Chinese lend us money with no collateral? Our govt/politicians offered them our land then when all the borrowing started.

        With everything that has happened and what is going on, why is this so hard for many to see/believe?

        Land is still way overpriced (in peoples minds) right now. to much fiat regardless of how much it is worth. That will change.

        Just that simple.

  • steelerdude

    That interview was cut off…Sean, part 2? or a link?….

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