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War on home gardens – Canada town outlaws food self-sufficiency

by Ethan A. Huff, Natural News:

A Canadian couple that has been growing a beautiful, meticulously-maintained front yard vegetable and herb garden has been ordered by city officials to uproot most of it by September 1 or else face lofty fines. CBC News and others are reporting that the town of Drummondville in Quebec is actually planning to ban all front yard gardens in the municipality beginning this fall; a move the spells the end of food self-sufficiency for many Canadians living in the area.

Michel Beauchamp and Josee Landry love to grow their own food. But the back yard of their well kept, Saint-Charles area home does not get enough natural sunlight throughout the day to grow the many varieties of fresh fare they have long enjoyed. So they asked their town’s Environmental Services Inspector if it was permissible to grow food in their front yard, and they were given a verbal affirmative that this was not a problem.

“They used to have flowers growing, but Beauchamp has high blood pressure and wanted to eat healthier. So they planted cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchinis, beets, onions, and Brussels sprouts, among other vegetables,” said CBC News about the garden. According to the same report, Beauchamp has lost an astounding 75 pounds since first planting the garden, and much of this is due to his having been able to grow and eat his own healthy food at home.

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2 comments to War on home gardens – Canada town outlaws food self-sufficiency

  • snowmover

    Give a beurocrat a little power and soon it goes to their heads.
    Besides the obvious noise and pollution bylaws, these clowns have to back off.
    It shouldn’t be anybodies right to tell someone how and what they can do with their land, providing what they’re doing isn’t dropping the value of their neighbours property. Growing a garden in your front yard should be encouraged, not discouraged.
    Also city halls should have to donate fertilizer to all that want a garden.They seem to have access to a lot of it.

  • Choo Hader

    Tax slaves are required to eat GMO toxic crap that rots the slave from inside out. If you are having digestive problems just send a stool sample to Drummondville for analysis.

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