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US Mint Selling 191 Times More Silver Than Gold

from Silver Doctors:

We are only 1 week into the month of August, but the US Mint has updated their August sales totals for gold and silver to indicate the Mint has sold 4,000 ounces of gold, vs. 765,000 ounces of silver month-to-date.

This is a sales ratio of an unthinkable 191.25 to 1 for silver vs. gold!

Granted this data is merely for the first week of August, but this is an unprecedented and astronomical ratio of physical silver vs. gold for the Mint. Over the past few years the ratio has typically hovered in the range of 50 to 1, which our friend Eric Sprott continually stresses is completely unsustainable!

August’s sales data is nearly 4 times the already astronomical 50:1 sales rates seen over the past 2 years!

We will continue to closely monitor the US Mint’s total silver vs. gold sales, as clearly selling 191 times as much physical silver vs. gold is unsustainable over the long term when the natural in-ground ratio is approximately 10 to 1!

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7 comments to US Mint Selling 191 Times More Silver Than Gold

  • PTS

    Wow…that is one of the most fascinating things I have read lately.

    That staggering difference in sales numbers tells me that there are a lot of smart people out there who at least are using the completely out-of-whack Gold-to-Silver ratio to begin to wake up.

  • stuart

    one question…figures for the first week of august? erm..its only the 7th of august today. we havent even had a full week m-f in august yet! Something up here

  • mankind

    the cheaper the silver gets……….the closer to the finish line …

  • stuart

    even so, since I started buying pms a year ago, my tally is 1.75 oz of gold and….308 oz silver

  • Choo Hader

    BOOOOYAAA!!! One way or another, 15:1 is coming in due course, even if markets tank next and the ratio goes even higher as silver sells off harder than gold.

    I’m glad I bought mostly gold last year around current prices and not much silver (whereas in years past I took the opposite approach) So despite the selloff in PMs I am feeling no pain at all except with the miners (temporarily.) If something really retarded happens like the ratio goes to 80:1 I will be switching even more to silver.

    Silver supply is much much much smaller than gold, silver mine supply will DROP a LOT if markets crash and base metals tank. Demand for silver will not go away I promise you that. I know it. You know it. And they know it. There is a reason they are working so hard in the markets to try to manipulate it lower, KEEP YOU FROM WISING UP AND LEARNING THE BEAUTY AND VALUE OF SILVER. When the game of musical chairs stops, better have some silver!

    Silver is mined at a 9:1 ratio vs gold
    Demand for silver is about 1:1 vs gold on the retail level. I can’t even imagine what would happen to silver if just ONE or TWO sovereigns tried to accumulate some big tonnage of silver, they way they do gold.
    The historical monetary ratio has been 15:1 for milleniums.
    The natural geologic ratio is close to 15:1

    You don’t have to be a world-beating genius to see the price implications, knowing we consume and lose more silver than we mine every year, and will continue to do so as global supply, shrinks, shrinks, and shrinks some more as the years wear on.

  • harley hooch


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