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Trapwire: Big Brother Software Designed for Pre-Crime Surveillance

by Susanne Posel, Occupy Corporatism:

The CIA-sponsored psy-op Wikileaks have released emails regarding Stratfor, the private intelligence firm that brought attention to Trapwire . With information provided by Anonymous, a CIA funded hacker group, this surveillance system has been installed across America.

Having been created by a group of American business men, in conjunction with the CIA, use of Trapwire has been justified because of 9/11 attacks, threats from al-Qaeda and further efforts in the war on terrorism. By sacrificing “sensitive or personally identifiable information” the US government has given itself permission to implement a super-spying control grid that encompasses all modes of surveillance in one centralized operational software technology.

We see the surveillance cameras in retail stores across the nation, never suspecting that those devices are being used to track our movements and records or behavior for the benefit of the burgeoning Big Brother control grid.

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