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Tracking the NYPD’s Full Spectrum “Ring of Steel”

from Nicholas West, Activist Post

The site of the 9/11 inside job has now become the epicenter of a massive security state apparatus of citizen surveillance, harassment, and control. By utilizing biometrics, a massive city-wide camera system supplying real-time data to law enforcement, and a physical militarized presence that has turned the city into an armed encampment capable of shooting down planes; New York’s surveillance city has no rival in the realm of Big Brother worship.

New York has become the testing ground for the implementation of military-level counterterrorism operations on American soil. According to a 60 Minutes interview with Commissioner Ray Kelly, he commands a force larger than the FBI, consisting of 35,000 uniformed officers and 15,000 civilian employees.

In the virtual world, the NYPD has created a social media unit to track pre-crime “criminal language” on Twitter and Facebook, as well as openly announcing a coordinated effort between Microsoft and NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg to bring actual pre-crime software and technologies into the everyday lives of New Yorkers through their Domain Awareness System. A newly released, eloquently delivered video below by Cryptome puts these developments in their full context.

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