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Top U.S. General: We Don’t Know Why Afghan Troops Are Killing Us

by Spencer Ackerman, Wired:

General John Allen, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, said he still doesn’t know why at least 10 NATO troops have died in the last two weeks at the hands of the Afghan forces they mentor. He suspects it may have something to do with asking those Afghans to perform dangerous operations during the recent Muslim holy month. Maybe.

If that doesn’t sound like a positive sign for the decade-long war — after all, the entire American strategy now depends on turning security over to the Afghans — Allen wasn’t in a mood to sugar-coat Afghanistan. In what may have been the bluntest press conference delivered by a top commander since the U.S. went to war in 2001, Allen told Pentagon reporters he expected Afghanistan will still suffer from “violence” after U.S. combat ends in 2014; that Hamid Karzai’s government has to act “now” to govern parts of the country that NATO has taken from the Taliban; and that a reduction in violence in the country since last year “may not be statistically significant.”

During the past several weeks, Afghan forces have turned their guns on the U.S. troops that mentor them with increasing frequency. The Afghan troops have killed at least 40 U.S. and allied forces this year, the most since the war began, and Karzai’s government insists the blame lies with Pakistani infiltrators, not Afghans themselves. Allen diplomatically said he was “looking forward to the Afghans providing us with the intelligence” they’re using to reach that conclusion.

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8 comments to Top U.S. General: We Don’t Know Why Afghan Troops Are Killing Us

  • Tony

    Perhaps it has something to do with the star of david (nothing to to do with david) hanging in the pentagon? Just saying

  • Mr Numbertaker

    I haven’t read this article – I cant read this article. Just the title has made my blood boil!

    Lets try a thought experiment shall we:

    The Saudis, or the Pakistanis, the Russians, or whoever you dislike the most, invade the US and/or the UK.

    This invasion comes after high altitude bombing, cruise missile attacks on all our important infrastructure, and indiscrimate drone attacks, many killing women and children. These drone attacks then extend to picking off every farmer or every private gun owner – because of course anyone with a gun is now classed as ‘a terrorist’ and is fair game.

    Then when the foreign troops finally turn up and show their faces on the ground they set up fortified encampments all over the country. From these ‘bases’ they go into our cities, towns, and villages like ‘they own the place’ – smashing private vehicles off the road, kicking in doors of shops, kicking in doors of private houses – often in the middle of the night, shooting up vehicles with whole families inside them (because the driver did not slow down quick enough, perhaps because he did not understand what he is supposed to do when approaching a checkpoint manned by foreign troops). Some of these foreign invaders and their contractors dragg off young girls for ‘entertainment’, others pick off farmers carrying guns (although farmers with guns are common around the world, we forget – anyone with a gun is a now a ‘terrorist’ and fair game/sport).

    Not content with that – and much more besides – they go into a few churches and throw the bibles around, maybe pissing in there too (when they are not busy pissing on dead farmers), and they flush a few bibles down the toilet just for good measure.

    Add a few ‘collateral damage’ incidents involving mini-buses filled with kids – you know the sort of incident that involves it getting blown apart by drones or some yahoos in apaches itching to let loose with the 30mm – because the driver had a long beard and looked suspicious, or some other bullshit excuse.

    Let the invaders also start growing opium and exporting it for their own profit too – instead of food for the indiginous population………

    I could go on and on with this. If the US and the UK was invaded you can bet that the population would take shots at the invaders at EVERY FUCKING opportunity, and you can bet that the population would try and infiltrate and hit from inside.


    And the general doesnt know why the Afghans are shooting us does he. Bullshit.

    Like it or not WE are the BAD GUYS, and we all have blood on our hands for allowing this evil to continue.

    • Tony

      Mr Number you just described exactly what will occur after they button up the other terrorists of the world. as they say in the matrix “most support the system that enslaves them.”

    • Glitter1

      You have it exactly right!How would you like to put in a position that you can’t tell your boss the truth, that he is the reason and we shouldn’t be in these people’s country.But, if he were to tell his boss the way he really feels, he’ll be looking for another career and quick.Life’s a bitch ain’t it!

  • messianicdruid

    What’s worse, they don’t want to know.

  • Choo Hader

    Perfect summary Mr. numbertaker. This should be common sense to anyone. I hate to say this, but I have difficulty feeling sympathy for those coming home in bodybags. It’s everyone’s duty and responsibility to DISOBEY illegal, immoral, EVIL orders. Their orders are no different than the Nazis or Stalin’s killers. The callous apathy and indifference to the horrible atrocities (military, govt, financial) in USSA must end. It only takes a vocal minority, even a mere 10-15% and this BS will stop.

  • Kimo

    Actually it is quite simple. Whomever in NATO gave the idiotic order to burn a pile of Quran books should be lined up in from of their peers and the fallen solders families and explain to them what the hell he or she is or was thinking, That in itself created a hornets nest! Not only are you going against the Taliban now you have the entire country against the NATO force.

    President Obama and Karzai signed that U.S. forces will remain in Afghanistan until 2024. Get those American Troops out of there already!

  • blounttruth

    We burn Korans, piss on their dead, bomb weddings, kill indiscriminately, while supporting the drug lords, and our brightest is representative by this comment? It is no wonder we are in the shape we are in. The “global war on terror” is a fight the US is taking to the enemy, even though here and there (i.e. Libya, Syria we might support the enemy) our leaders offer comfort and support to the enemy if it furthers their purpose. 11 years of war against a nation with no air force, navy, no organized ground forces, and the U.S. is taking the fight tot the terrorists? With generals making comments like this, who needs enemies?

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