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To War or Not to War

by Stephen Lendman,

Will Obama wage more wars or won’t he? He’s already fighting multiple direct and proxy ones. November elections approach. Electoral priorities dictate policy.

On the one hand, Americans are fed up with wars. More risks offending supporters who want current ones ended. Holding back gives Republicans a campaign issue. Acting tough against alleged enemies sometimes sells well. Smart money says not now.

Doing the right thing doesn’t matter. Imperial priorities take precedence. Odds favor full-scale Syrian intervention. Timing alone remains unknown. Consequences can wait for later. Will Iran be next?

On August 3, Haaretz headlined “Netanyahu: If Israel attacks Iran, I will take responsibility for the consequences,” saying:

He criticized Israeli security officials for suggesting they’re concerned about taking responsibility for agreeing.

Unnamed ones believe “Netanyahu remains steadfast in his determination not to rely on the United States, and can be expected to order the IDF to attack Iran in the coming months.”

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2 comments to To War or Not to War

  • Tony

    More blood libel coming from the “biblical state of Israel”

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    • Glitter1

      The unlawful Federal Reserve Act and it’s Shylock Leg-Breaking/Blood-sucking Support Orginization the IRS has a long history of doing what’s neccessary to keep the veil of blindness and ignorance covering the masse’s eyes of understanding.Look at what they have done to: Joe Lewis,Lindbergh,Lyndon Larouche,Schiff, et al.Aaron Ross’s 2007 film: America Freedom To Facism exposes the fraudulant Federal Reserve Act and Income Tax.The Beast will defend this tenticle to the death,because this is the source of it’s power.

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