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The Ultimate 100 Year QUADRUPLE TOP BREAKOUT in Silver is Coming, And So is the Financial COLLAPSE: Andy Hoffman

In this Must Hear silver update interview with Andy Hoffman of we discuss silver’s recent breakout and the fact that the ULTIMATE 100 YEAR Quadruple Top Breakout will soon be at hand – and physical silver will ultimately launch past $800. In Part Two we cover the fact that the clowns in Europe are just buying time to prepare personally for the collapse that CANNOT be prevented, in fact Andy thinks it may happen in the next 3 – 6 months. Our time to prepare is nearly up.

Part 1:
The Ultimate 100 Year QUADRUPLE TOP in Silver is Coming
Part 2:
Financial COLLAPSE May Happen Within the Next 3 – 6 Months
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70 comments to The Ultimate 100 Year QUADRUPLE TOP BREAKOUT in Silver is Coming, And So is the Financial COLLAPSE: Andy Hoffman

  • Mike

    Ranting Andy is the man. He is without a doubt the foremost authority on the manipulation in the silver market. Thanks for this SGT.

  • Scott Sando

    Hi guys, great interview. Is silver investing a way to avoid going to war?

    If you follow our way of thinking then you’ll believe that the economic system is going to collapse and the elite will try take us into a major war.
    Now in a world where the economic system has collapsed there will be no benefits to support millions of people, so the elites won’t have to use the draft to enlist people, will they. If you want to be housed and fed, and earn a wage then join the military.
    So They won’t need a draft in a economic collapse the people will flock to join to stay alive. This is why investing in silver may very well save your ass.

  • Mr Numbertaker

    SGT – Excellent interview as always. Thankyou.

    As far as ‘the collapse’ is concerned I felt certain that we were going to have a controlled demolition over the Christmas and new year period last year. Everything was in place for a ‘bank holiday’ on both sides of the atlantic – mass movements of funds had taken place, masses of ‘rehypothecation’ of other funds and physical assets had taken place, big financial had gone down and funds ‘lost’, many key ‘bankers’ had resigned or moved to new posts, various new laws and acts were rushed through, and various other occurances had taken place. The collapse looked imminent.

    Several banks around the world had even tested their ‘off switches’ (and one or two got caught out when they could not switch back ‘on’ as quickly as they switched off). Of course most people never noticed, or if they did it was just explained away as a simple ‘glitch’.

    These ‘glitches’ have continued this year and have in some way or another now affected every major bank in the world. Hmmmmmmmm.

    Anyway, I am amazed the system is still functioning. I get the impression the TPTB are also amazed the system is still functioning. I think this is now going to be stretched out as far is as humanly possible – at least until the US election, if not beyond.

    From what was discussed at the G20 in Mexico (and from the symbols and logos used) the great switch off and ‘reset’ is going to be global, and co-ordinated. Looks like Gold is also going to have a new role in the new system too.

    Timescales? – who can tell. I was way off when I called it 9 months ago. Is Mr. Hoffman correct in 3-6 months? I dont know, but it sounds quite reasonable.

    Many, many people are going to be taken by surprise when the banks eventually do go dark, an even more when the store shelves are stripped bare.

    There is no need to start WW3 in order to reduce the population – once the banks go dark just think about all those very young children, the elderly, the disabled, and the unemployed who live hand-to-mouth now (in the so called good times). They will be the first to fall by the wayside. This is how it has always been in times or crisis. The very young, the very old, and the most vulnerable go first.

    Finally, for those who are interested a new Lindsey Williams interview has just come out (24-08-12):

    • MRH

      I agree, SGT interview, awesome as always.

      The war is coming, it will be fought on a global scale. Look at what is currently happening in southern Europe–the PIIGS–and the Middle East. We already have war in many parts of the world. It will be coming to our shores in the very near future. We, all the people that are informed and have some type of provisions will be the “enemy of the state” and our neighbors will be the ones to turn us in to the “authorities”. We, the ones that are left, will then gather together and be the resistance. Our enemies will be many and our allies will be few. The majority will be shipped off over-seas or to the local FEMA camp and the remainder will be so fearful and hungry (remember H.A.L.T.) they will do or say anything to feed their children and themselves. Most everything is in place, the laws, the camps, the training, the rules of engagement, etc. The only thing left is the ignition. When will the fuse be lit? Someone knows, but they are not speaking.

    • frank

      For anyone interested in what Lindsey Williams has to say, let me save you some time since i went against my better judgment and wasted an hour of my life listening to him.

      Basically it takes him close to an hour to make four points.

      1. The liberty oil drill has stopped because the elites want oil at 150 a barrel before they open up that oil. We should get it cheaper, .65 cents a gallon but they want to rip us off.

      2. Raytheon has been warned to prepare for a us dollar collapse.

      3. The elite are behind schedule, about six months, and are causing chaos in the mid east so they can get to that 150 dollar a barrel price target for oil. Syria is next and russia will get involved.

      4. the new world currency will be backed by gold…possibly a digital cashless currency…thats why they are causing problems on a global scale.

      The rest is all the same baloney…”i beg of you”, get your pen and paper out, for your families sake, god put me in place with the elite so i could warn you, you are so priveledged to hear what i am telling you…blah blah blah

      I remember this guy saying that the elites were going to tax homeowners into oblivion, and now he says owning your own home will protect you from the fed? I am so tired of hearing these parasitical “insiders” peddle their worthless wares. Who ever woke up, did so by researching and listening to sites like this…it really bugs me when guys like this rehash…repackage…and resale things we all know…just to make a profit.

      I know I will draw a lot of heat for this but I dont care…Lindsey belongs on a list with drake the snake pentagon insider, ben baloney fullofit fullford, Mr channeler reptilian brain Icke and others. Not Bix though…he only states his opinion.

      One more thing… when he makes reference to wessely clarks speech, (unless i misunderstood) it didnt happen a few weeks ago lindsey, clark said we were going to attack those countries a long time ago…I remember hearing it at least a year ago if not longer.

      • Scott Sando

        Lindsey Williams is long winded but he is sincere, to say that he is just on the make is outrageous.
        Nice move trying to tar him with Fulford and Drake.

      • Mouse

        Frank, I totally agree with you. I am also sick and tired of the crap that has developed in the “truther” movement. I sometimes scan the old SGTreport blog entries and check which analysis was spot on and which predictions actually came true. The result is shocking, the majority is total nonsense. Just a fairy tale club riding a bull market in precious metals, that’s all it is.

        They use the bull market to invent arbitrary stories around it, and feel sufficiently vindicated by the price action. The input is some facts, they are processed in a state of fear, and the output is often a sort of dark doomsday fantasy. They reject reviewing their predictions and take responsibility for failures, instead they invent new fairy tales. This is insane. Not all are acting like that, but a substantial part.

        • Scott Sando

          So Mouse, You spend your time on a site which you believe for the most part is inane dribble.
          what is it in your psychology that you would want to prove yourself superior over people you believe are insane, what does that say about you as a person.

        • SGT

          Yep mouse, we’re all quacks. The “smart” money is embracing the status-quo of CFP’s which includes ETF’s, mutual funds and common stocks. As far as “track record” goes, please, take a minute and tell us WHERE have we been wrong? MF Global? PFGbest? MERS fraud? LIBOR? hmmmm?

          Never mind the advice of Ann Barnhardt, Celente, Sinclair, Turk, Sprott or the rest of the alternative media. We have NO idea about that of which we speak. We are all just part of a “fairy tale club”. Embrace the current paradigm mouse, and please be sure to report back to us. We’d love to know how that works out for you in the long run. May you sleep in the same bed as Jamie Dimon sir. Best of luck with that strategy.

          • frank


            Turk, Sprott and Sinclair are not synonomous with celente and Barnhardt. Celente and Barnhardt what everyone out of everything except for physical bullion. I listen to them and a lot of what they say makes sense. Still, I dont completely agree with their doom and gloom opinions. Maybe Im wrong, guess we will see.

            Turk, Sprott and Sinclair believe that all things related to bullion, minus the etf’s (im talking about mining stocks) are good investments, including agricuture and energy. They are less gloom and doom, but agree that fiat is dying.

            I think the point Mouse was trying to make was that some folks take things a little too far with the doomsday stuff. My problem with the Drakes, fulfords Ickes and yes even lindsey, is that they pretend to have a source on the inside that feeds them all this “secret info”, when its really not secret at all, or is just a pile of crap. Its guys like these that have piggy backed, hijacked or hitched a ride on the truther movemnt that mouse was talking about. Thats why even though i disagree with Bix, I respect him because he states his opinion and isnt faking some BS just to sell subscriptions or CD’s.

            • Jim

              While I kind of agree with what you and mouse are saying, I recently went back and read some of Icke’s earlier work (involving mainly what he calls the ‘five-sense conspiracy’, not the reptilian stuff so much) and it is amazing how much of what he predicted in the early 90’s has come about. That doesn’t mean I’m buying everything he’s selling but I can’t deny at least some of his prescience..

              I do think mouse’s original point has some validity, even though it’s going to be less than popular amongst most here. Talk is cheap, and a lot of the commentators get caught out making dramatic predictions that don’t come about – doesn’t mean their general information is wrong though. Having been in metals for a while now, I now take a more emotionally-detached view point. I know and am happy with the fundementals so I’m sure that gold and silver will have their day – I try to sit back and not get caught up in the every day ups and downs and predictions.

              • frank

                thats the point Jim. All these guys say some things that are true. My main issue is that they pretend to get it from special sources, when they really dont.

                Any thinking individual can see the writing on the wall. Like most here, I share the stuff I learn and what I expect to see, but i never pass it on as a secret source.

                I posted a conversation i had with a friend a few days ago. He is connected to the goverment and basically told me stuff I already knew. If I had pulled a “drake”, or Icke or Lindsey, I would have embellished what he told me, present my expectations as future facts and asked for people to subscribe or buy my CD’s.

                I would rather listen to guys like peter schiff, turk, sprott etc…what they present are facts and logical opinions…not secret knowledge.

                • GoodOleBoy

                  I understand that point of view but all these people share different points of view, even though there message may overlap sometimes. As far as Drake, Lindsey, and Icke I have listened to all of them and never paid a dime or subscribed to anything. In my mind they have there is nothing wrong with them supporting or selling their product. For the rest of the people you listed, I consider their point of view and listen when they speak. But remember, they are selling products as well.

          • Mouse

            SGT, you mix things up to make me look silly. I was talking about folks who do not care whether what they say is truth or gossip, and who possibly have very selfish and malicious agendas that go directly against the wellbeing of listeners. I totally agree with the necessity to secure oneself with precious metals, and I don’t support the paradigm of debt based paper money at all. But I don’t support people who fear-monger others using nothing more than gossip and possibly made up stories, especially when paired with the intention to benefit themselves.

            Let’s take an outside example, so we can put emotions away. A guest often appearing on King World News and also cited on this blog is Egon von Greyerz. He always makes totally out of proportion calls on price targets that never materialize, and he constantly fear-mongers people with stories like “imminent collapse”. This wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t have his business Matterhorn Asset Management. As you certainly know he offers physical metals storage in Switzerland.

            I studied his contracts, and there you find some incredible stuff. For instance Egon von Greyerz has his business entitled to use your metals up in case you miss paying the storage fee. What does it mean? It means he explicitly targets the gold of people who possibly die, are put away as political prisoners, or become otherwise unable to immediately guard their finances or claim posession. He knows that there is a statistical certainty that these cases will come, he wants their gold, and so has his contracts set up in a way to get it. This is the same dirty model that Switzerland used during WW2 to basically steal the gold of Jewish families that were exterminated in concentration camps. They could have easily organized a search for legal heirs, but they didn’t do it, they wanted to steal the gold.

            If I hear Egon von Greyerz sing his totally overextended doomsday song, and I know he sings this ugly song just to attract fearful people of whose deaths he can handsomly profit, I am sick to my stomach.

            So here you are with one example of a guy having his malicious bullshit posted on your blog under the cover of being your precious metals buddy, but there are many more. I don’t know how you can ignore these things. Once I digged deeper, I had my second awakening, and since then I see that the “truther” movement is set up to end like all human societies: infiltrated, hijacked and exploited by psychopaths.

            SGT, do you seriously belive that your community is “clean”? Kind of a heaven? No man, there is the same kind of filth as everywhere. And the more precious metals become mainstream, the more filth will be dragged towards your blog.

          • Brian

            yeah, never mind the advice of Eric Jon Phelps too! 😉

      • Brian

        thats because Lindsey is a Jesuit Co-adjutor and snake oil salesman

  • Scott Sando

    They want war to redirect anger away from the elite onto the made up enemy.

  • Neil

    Hi Sean @ SGT. Another great interview man! You do great work. Sean, can you help us figure out if we should keep our mining stocks through this ‘collapse” or just sell out completely and go purely physical? Nobody seems to ever discuss this in any of the interviews! I’m a true believer in the miners, but this is the first time in my life where I’m having serious doubts and concerns. On the one side, there is TREMENDOUS leverage (gains) to be made. But if a collapse of the system takes town the mining stocks too, then it’s best to buy more physical before all that money is lost! I would really about your thoughts. BTW Sean, do you have a direct email where a person can contact you directly? I can’t seem to find any contact info. Thank you very much.

  • Bobby

    Now we have Andy in line with Max Keiser as to when it all comes down.
    I think that silver will go PRICELESS because when paper becomes WORTHLESS who is going to part with their metal but for only equally valuable other REAL items. Can’t wait…the clock is ticking…get your food and water now…stock up….nothing will prevent this

  • Bud

    Sent the following to my friends along with yhe link to here.
    My friends, one year from now you will either have more money than you could dream of or you WILL be to poor to buy a sick mouse a cheese sandwich. Your choice. Choose wisely.
    Great job. Thank you.

  • PitBull Pappa

    I’ve been sitting on the fence trying to decide if I want to open up a trading account to invest in energy & mining stocks, but I lean more towards just sticking with stacking physical and waiting it out. The counter party risk of owning mining and energy stocks causes concern. That combined with the fact any gains in said sectors would be paid out in fiat dollars makes me wonder if the investment would be self defeating & pointless.

    I subscribe to the Chris Martenson three E theory (energy, environment and economy) and foresee oil rising to a minimum of $150.00 a barrel regardless of a war with Syria & Iran happening or not. The amount of EROEI on oil extraction has been rapidly diminishing and destined to go even lower. Combine that with rising inflation & energy prices are going to rise exponentially as well.

    The only thing I can think that gives the dollar a chance for survival is linking it not only to a bi-metallic standard, but to link the dollar to a basket of commodities of not just gold and silver, but industrial metals such as platinum and palladium in conjuction with coal and natural gas. Since the industrialized world is facing an energy crisis in conjunction to the world wide financial crisis, it could resolve both issues simultaneously since the U.S has such a massive glut of natural gas and coal.

    Just my thought on things…

    Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


  • frank

    Whats the point of owning gold and silver if we end up in a mad max situation? None. Why do we buy gold and silver? To perserve wealth in case there is a monetary reset. If there is a monetary reset, does that mean we are going to go shopping with silver and gold coins in hand? I doubt it.

    If we do reset, and avoid anything like a mad max outcome, then we will still use a form of cash, physical or digital, the only difference will be its backed by something. If the reset is successful the markets will still exist (even after a crash) and so will some sort of banking/exchange. Plan accordingly. Just because some parts of a market crash, doesn’t mean everything goes to hell, there will be parts that do well. Example, if the finacials or the facebook stocks tank, the commodity sect may actually do quite well.

    When guys like Bix says everything will be erased, he is wrong. To wipe out a debt, you have to wipe out an assest. If you owe me 1000 bucks, your debt is my assest. Both will get wiped according to bix. Do you honestly believe the people in power will allow this chaos?

    Do you think the government will prety much just let things fall apart without a fight? Ever hear of a plan called the “continuity of Government”? I think we should look to history for possible outcomes. Germany, Argentina, Zimbabwe, etc During the Weimar republic, a lot of folks were ruined, but some actually became quite wealthy.

    My point is that cash will be trashed, but the system will not disappear, it will change and if you have invested accordingly then you will profit. Mining stocks are a risk, but if they pay off, they will return your investment many many times over, more than physical bullion. What worth more, the apple, or the tree that makes the apples? If the apple goes up in value, shouldn’t the tree do so as well?

    Just my two cents

    • GoodOleBoy

      Debt will default, that’s a fact. Either through non payment or hyperinflation. The problem is that the debt based assets have lost there value. The derivatives are being backed by governments but have no value.

  • Tom G.

    Everything was ready to collapse four years ago, but it didn’t. Why? Because paper is accepted as money and the Fed digitized more paper. Celente said everything would collapse in 2010. It didn’t. Jim Sinclair got everyone in a tizzy last June 2011 when he told Eric King that collapse was so close that it could happen by the end of the interview. Wrong again.

    As long as entities (people, banks, govts, etc.) are willing to accept paper as something that represents value, then this fantasy world we live in goes on and on and on. They will digitize more paper and it will be accepted in the short-medium term. This collapse is still a few years away because paper is still accepted.

    One should still prepare as if the collapse is imminent. That would be wise.

  • Julian

    My similar constant concern is do I cash out a Physical Bullion Account and turn into physical in possession and add to my small stash. Neither are huge, but the bullion account allows me to trade the metal to then add to my phyzz. If this ride takes a while and has many ups and downs it seems a reasonable risk. Knowing all the time it could be vaporised! I still have some phyzz. Any thoughts.

  • Ajw

    I think the collapse will happen when they lose control of the silver market which might be happening now according to stories from the lbma.

    They can’t print physical silver.

  • Glitter1

    It’s not about the Stock Market (visible), it’a about Derivatives (invisible).The cascade of defaults will first begin in the Derivatives Market(CDS/IRDS) then spill over into the visible Stock and Money Markets. As far as Mining Stocks, lets look at one, Silver Wheaton.It owns the output of dozens of producing mines as well as commitments to future production.It has contracts for Silver at procuction cost of about $4.50oz.If Silver Price rockets past triple digits as Andy predicts can you conceive what share price of SLW will go to!There will be millionaires made from owning these shares. It will be like owning Microsoft,Dell,Apple,IBM et al when they were all penny stocks.Let’s be logical, the World Elite owns all of the natural resources in the World, because this is where wealth generation comes from.Why should there be any doubt that they own the PM Mines and mining stocks.They will protect their interests.During the Great Depression, Homestake Mining went up >500% in share price and continually increased their Dividend Payouts. Well, what about the Nationlization Question? If the mines are Nationalized, then per the 5th Amendment the GOV has to pay for the output of the mine, unleas the US goes totaly Communistic and Expropriates the mine output. If things deteriorate to this level then it really won’t matter because of what’s taking place in the general economy. I’ve got my Physical Bullion and I’m holding on to my Mining Shares.

  • charlie

    lindsey williams is a flip flopper, drives me nuts. drives everyone i know nuts also.
    The collapse is deliberate and a new system is already stashed away in a safe ready to be used when the elite totally exhaust the current system and are successful in wiping out most the middle class.

    • Glitter1

      How is he flip-flopping, everything he has said in the last two years relative to the Elites plans and the time-table has been spot on. If you are trying to mix/compare what he is saying with others, the narrative is not neccessarily going to match.

  • MS

    Congratulations on all the recent interviews Sean. The questions you ask are proper journalism: incisive without being confrontational. This allows a wide range of response and lets the listeners reach their own conclusions.

    For everyone else remember that it is important to stay calm in an Apollo 13 scenario.

    Even if you have just begun to accumulate precious metals there will be a big advantage in collapse conditions vs. those who react at the last minute. There will be economic activity in collapse conditions and you need to predict ahead of time where this will occur and be in close proximity.

    As well endeavor to moderate the euphoria about one’s investments. They are not the most important thing in life even if it is one’s profession.

    I play the most beautiful music in the world but there are things to experience in life 10x greater than that…maybe 1000x greater…the things which the music is about.

    Everything in life is a stepping stone to something else until we reach the finish line.

    All the Best from Sverige

  • MJ45ACP

    No way. I don’t believe a collapse until hyperinflation hits first. If a collapse does happen there are still too many dumbed down people who will still accept cash for a while. After football season please!!!

  • frank

    for anyone interested about mining shares. Basically you can take ownership by asking your brokerage firm to give you the stock ownership certificates. There will be a fee. I was quoted 50$ per stock. Once you take the certificates, they will no longer appear on your account, and you wont be able to trade (sell) them. Also ( i am still trying to clarify this) you can give those certificates away as gifts, etc, but if they get lost, you may be shit out of luck.

    I asked my brokerage firm if they use client accounts as collateral, or if they repledge, rehypothecate etc…they said no. (canadian rules are different from usa) WHne the MF global thing blew up, canadian clients got their money ahead of us cleints.

    • frank

      quick note, when i said you wont be able to sell them, i meant through a brokerage firm. You need to call them and set it up again for your stock to reappear on your account again…then you can sell etc.

    • Glitter1

      For E-trade, stock/shares can be Hypothecated/Lent-out if you have a Margin Account set-up. I changed to a non-margin account and the Hypothecation issue is gone.My shares are no longer available for e-trade use, i.e. lent out for shorting, any other hypothecation action.

  • reflector


    a decent interview.
    one point i question however, is the insistence that silver being mined at a 15:1 ratio to gold means the g/s price ratio has to return to 15:1

    following that logic, palladium is mined at a 1:12 ratio to gold, so palladium should be 12x more expensive than gold?
    (i’m assuming the stats on the upper right of SGT are accurate)

    i’m not saying that silver won’t be at a 1:15 ratio to gold in the coming future, it well may – i just question the logic used to come to that conclusion – if it holds for silver, then why not palladium as well?

    • MJ45ACP

      In my view silver is money, palladium is a commodity. Silver has a history of being used as money, palladium does not. If currencies fail, I’d rather have silver vs palladium. Mike Maloney answers that question here:

      • reflector

        what does which metal you prefer in the event of currency collapse, have to do with my question:
        is the rate at which a metal is mined the determining factor of its price?

        i suspect it’s much more complicated than simply saying silver is mined at 15x the rate of gold therefore its price will tend toward 1/15 that of gold.
        yet i’ve heard this reasoning used many times by silver investors, including in the above interview, and i believe it’s not a valid line of reasoning.

        • MJ45ACP

          I’d say no, the rate at which a metal is mined is not the determining factor of its price. I’d factor in what it’s used for, how much of it is used up, demand (Sprott says the US mint is selling gold and silver at a 1:1 ratio dollar wise), and the level of manipulation on the paper market. I can understand the reasoning behind why some investors think that way because silver and gold throughout history have been tied together as a monetary metal. Not only is it mined 15:1 but the price throughout history I believe was also 15 or 16:1. It’s hard to use the same analogy for Palladium, which has no history and ties to gold and has never been used as money. Some people in the world probably have never even heard of palladium. But gold and silver, YEAH BABY!!!!

  • Ivan

    Great interview and great reaction from people. That is why I keep coming back here

  • Scott Sando

    ‘Many of us involved in this exposure have had to cope with being attacked financially, legally and verbally by often State-sponsored or self-obsessed idiots who do not have the intelligence to see that they and their children and grandchildren will have to live in the nightmare world that we are seeking to prevent.

    Many won’t even care what happens to their children and grandchildren – it’s not their problem. Oh, but it is. Tyranny is not coming – it’s here, in the world they are living in. But still they target those with the guts to put their head above the trench while they hide deep in the shadows behind anonymous log-in names and fake public personas.

    Anyone who has ever tried to do anything worthwhile has always faced abuse from the blind, moronic and self-obsessed. As the writer Jonathan Swift said: ‘When a great genius appears in the world you may know him by this sign; that the dunces are all in confederacy against him’. T’was always so.’ David Icke

    Does COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) even work anymore.

    • Glitter1

      Good comment.You have to stack for your children and grandchildren. Forget the 529 Plans. Stack Silver and Gold, Silver will be worth more than Gold, if you will be able to get it, down the road.

  • Brad

    Not only do I personally not see people awakening and putting their wealth into gold and silver but i see the complete opposite, ive had friends and family selling silver coins handed down to them from older relatives, selling jewelry they no longer wear, and the crazy part is they’re excited about the cash they receive.

  • Cleburne61

    Sean, bravo again. You always set such a great tone in your interviews: thoughtful and to the point. Your guests are always an asset to this community as well.

    Ranting Andy’s article I’d read awhile, and I must say I found it useful because I was previously unaware of a a $50 top in 1904. This explains why Chris Duane could find early 20th century newspaper pieces saying that gold and silver dollar coins…were trading at one to one. If this is true, that would make at least two points in history where an ounce of gold could be traded for an ounce of silver(the other being on that 700 year chart of silver, I believe in the 1380’s).

    Keep up the great work. Btw, I know that a few bad apples here don’t like Lindsey Williams, but I like him, and do find his thoughts and intel to be useful. Hint hint.

  • Josh

    One thing I’m trying to understand is if JPM is involved in manipulation of the silver market, and specifically, manipulation of the downward direction, wouldn’t this completely disrupt their profitability? Since JPM sells actual physical silver bullion, why would they manipulate down the spot price? Wouldn’t they want to actually manipulate it up?

  • DT

    Gold and silver are nice, but don’t put all your faith in them. Invest some in God and the Great Commission.

    “Your gold and silver have corroded, and their corrosion will be evidence against you and will eat your flesh like fire. You have laid up treasure in the last days.”
    James 5:3

    “They cast their silver into the streets, and their gold is like an unclean thing. Their silver and gold are not able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the Lord. They cannot satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs with it. For it was the stumbling block of their iniquity.”
    Ezekiel 7:19

    • Mr Numbertaker


      I have heard Ezekiel 7:19 ‘interpreted’ as meaning ‘the currency of the day’, and not actual physical Silver and Gold. The emphasis was on ‘their’ silver, and ‘thier’ gold, ie not real Silver and not real Gold – but something created as false money – a deception if you like.

      In our case that would be our governments ‘fiat’ base metal coins (their silver?) and our governments paper bank notes (their gold?). The paper bank notes in addition to being a ‘deception’ (as they do not fit any commonly recognised definition of money) also fit the description of being ‘unclean’ (on many levels) too. The Masonic and Illuminati references on the Dollar, and the references to ‘the beast’ and the ‘whore of babylon’ on some euro notes clearly and without any doubt show these as being ‘unclean’ to any man of faith with the eyes to see – Jew, Christian, or Muslim.

      When these fiat currencies devalue they will indeed be thrown into the streets as the worthless and unclean creations of greedy men (thier gold) that they are.

  • DT

    I would disagree. It means that ultimately on the day of wrath and reckoning, nothing will save you or your soul unless you are right with God (via Jesus Christ). Everything will be burned up.

    Of course it be prudent to put a portion of your savings/wealth in real money which is gold or silver, but death will encompass all of us sinners, since the wages of sin are death.

    Now the real question is, after you’ve got your gold and silver for the mortal realm, have you invested in what really matters, the eternal realm?

    I always suggest those who haven’t, that they take the “good person test”:

  • a v m

    Andy Hoffman gives silver a range of $1000-$4000……Lindsey Williams said “Silver will be $2000-$3000 eventually”

  • C.I.

    Doom and gloom never ends……..When exactly is the US going to collapse then? Been waiting for a while now….B

  • T.Bear


    Don’t hold your breath! The collapse has been imminent for many years. It’s always just right around the corner & yes, this time it’s different…”any day now.” There’s a chance we may be 6 Ft under when it finally arrives.

  • scr00plz

    I have to be honest. I listened to Ranting Andy back when I was a newb, but didn’t really take to him because his information isn’t the least bit helpful. To be honest, he just seems like a silver & gold salesman who has to keep repeating the same thing over and over so people will by the dips instead of getting discouraged.

    • reflector

      that’s a rather odd thing to say, considering that those who followed his advice and really did buy the dips for the last 10 years, have done EXTREMELY well.

    • Brian

      That’s exactly what these people are,nothing but SALESMAN with a doom and gloom speech….Why are they in such a hurry to sell if gold and silver is going to be so valuable? LOL…,its ALL manipulated and THEY control the prices…

      Gold and Silver is God’s money,but it has been taken over by corrupt men

      Your REAL asset will be Water,Food and an energy source….because in the day of the wrath of the Lord…precious metals will be useless

  • David Liberty

    Real value has intrinsic value (for thousands of years). Gold and Silver will be around longer than we will. As they widdle away the phony fiat, pm’s should find a legitimate price point. They are real and will survive the collapse.

  • Troy

    This November…Man will eat man…silver will be worth $8000 per ounce…men will wear duct tape for shoes, and old canvas sacks for clothing…we will eat road kill, and grass from our lawn…gas will cost $48 per gallon…nobody drives cars, and only the elite can afford to fuel up their scooters…neighbors will hunt in packs like wild dogs…houses will be made of rock, sticks and dirt. Get your pens and paper and write this one your calender.

    • reflector

      seeing as how you seem to know exactly what the future holds, you must have made $ billions in the markets.

      so what are you doing with all of your mountains of wealth to help your fellow man?

  • Frodus

    Speaking of Mining stocks,when the government took over GM did they reimburse the stock holders? If indeed a shortage or a financial crises takes place why wouldn’t the government nationalize the mines.What is silver mainly used for? You be hard pressed to live a normal every day life without it,so their would be no compensation what so every.Since only silver and gold physical holders make up on 3% of the population its seems obvious that we would be demonetize for slowing progress. Mostly because we wouldn’t just turn over metals.

    I would think that a cashless society would demand such a movement.Considering how fast the under ground economy growing they really have no choice,which will give a vary short window to unload the metals into something acceptable as a store of value.

    My phone can make financial transactions now.

  • frank

    Common shares holders got nothing when the government took them over. (says a lot about that worthless fool in the white house) Basically in the GM situation, it was rigged so the unions came out on top.

    Now if the Government nationalizes the mining industry,common share holders could and probably would get the shaft. However, to my knowledge few if any mining companies have unions. Secondly, its not that big an industry yet. I think the governemnt would realise that mining would benefit more from private investors pumping in cash (grow more quickly etc)than from a direct takeover.

    Then again, after watching the criminality of the obama administration, anything is possible. Its all a risk. If you keep paper assests, you could get wied out, if you buy bullion, it could get confiscated or over taxed when you try to sell it, if you own mining stocks they could be nationalied…at the end of the day, if the government wants to screw the people it will, unless the people stand and fight back.

    • Frodus

      I don’t see private money flowing into mining after a take over,private money would be to scared to invest in a nationalized mine.And at the end of the day the Government would screw the people they have a long history of doing so,considering how much silver the military consumes silver its not that much of a leap to go with nationalization,considering its such a small industry.

      I know this “diversification” is the only way to survive the unknowns.Silver will go up and gold will go up but the numbers that i see being pushed are unrealistic.

      But don’t get me wrong i stack and prep and off course i count on the ignorance of the masses to keep me comfy.But that being said the only stocks i own are natural gas,there is going to be a national push in the coming years to convert as much over to clean burning fuel as possible.Its inevitable plus its at a rock bottom now.

  • George Silver

    Seems a nice enough guy buy would you really put your faith in someone to tell you the real truth who makes a living selling Gold and Silver?

    Sites that sell Gold and Silver are no different to your local car sale show-room.

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