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The Summer of 2012

from Fabian4Liberty:

We are living in The Summer of 2012, events are shaping up that may change the course of history forever. Whether record droughts sweeping across America or the continued economic collapse taking place across the banking sector many realize something is about to break. Have the global elites decided to pull the plug on our Republic? Does humanity have a chance to defeat the system? Only time will tell.

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2 comments to The Summer of 2012

  • GoodOleBoy

    I understand we are in a bad way right now but this video is completely devoid of all hope. I guess Im just going into the hills and dig a whole, maybe come out in ten years or so and see how everything is going.

  • greg

    Think one of those clips is from my home town in Belfast. We’ve had riots and a kinda police state for years, not as bad as you would imagine. Tends to get blown outta proportion. Still, if the credit card systems stop working or food inflation sores who knows how bad it could get!!

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