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The Banking Cartel Operates EXACTLY LIKE THE MAFIA: Jeff Nielson

Jeff Nielson joins us to cover the latest criminal exploits of the Bankster cartel, and he says it’s never been more clear that the international banking cartel operates EXACTLY like the mafia. We will never be free until we smash the Oligopoly and their corporate monopolies. We’re in a lot of trouble, because they aren’t going to stop the coming collapse and a LOT of people are going to get hurt.

Part 1:
The Banking Cartel Operates EXACTLY LIKE THE MAFIA:
Part 2:
We Must Smash the Oligopoly, Or Remain Slaves Forever:
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12 comments to The Banking Cartel Operates EXACTLY LIKE THE MAFIA: Jeff Nielson

  • curt

    SGT what if the elite are much more capable of control then you give them credit for?
    what if, when the crash comes, like on feb29/12, they sell a complete years worth of paper silver and gold every hour or day, what ever is required to keep the price of silver/gold crashing as much or more as stock markets?
    sure it could be a massive buying oppurtunity and $4 silver would probly buy more actual goods after a massive deflationary collapse, if anyone would take it. but whats the point?
    maybe everyday comodities would be better to stock up on? like food, water, survival supplies, toiletries, booze, guns/ammo, generators, fuel, medicine, smokes, drugs, etc etc

    • Warp

      You’re assuming that anyone selling physical is going to continue to honor spot at that point. Good luck getting any product at that price.

      • bubba

        Warp, you are so right…ain’t no one gonna give there Ag away that has been holding it thru all of this shit. all the weak hands are out.

        People in my area are out of pre 64…none to be bought…my dealer has 50 cent pieces. I have them on hold for a few more days…at whatever current spot is. Lots of rounds of all kinds…for now…his biggest day ever in 30 years in the coin biz was when silver was nearing $50…over a quarter mill in sales in a little dinky town in the Redoubt.

        Folks, if you have dry powder, you had better be thinking hard about by buying…maybe for the last time.

  • Steve_D

    They are not LIKE the Mafia, they ARE the Mafia.

  • Neil

    [email protected], another great interview! You have an uncanny ability to find some great minds to be interviewed. Plus you a great interviewer! I have two questions please. 1) What are you thoughts on mining stocks? They are extremely undervalued and one would assume that when PM’s prices go parabolic, the mining stocks will go parabolic too. But if there is a collapse of everything, wouldn’t the miners suffer severely as well… possibly going bust with everything else? Do you still recommend them?
    2) Can you please give me your email address? I can’t find it anywhere! THANK YOU sir.

    • SGT

      Hey Neil, I’ve owned some mining stocks for quite a while, which hasn’t worked out all too well. I can very clearly see the argument against owning them, and yet some very smart people out there continue to say they have bottomed and will appreciate far faster than the metals, once the metals climb again. At this point I say anything in paper – buyer beware. This could get very, very ugly and I’m glad I own physical too.

  • Hannon

    I don’t think it’s fair to compare the Mafia to the banksters, the Mafia is a much more honorable group than the banksters. When mobsters show up once a week for their protection money they only skim a % off the top, they don’t take so much that it runs you out of biz but the banksters want it all. The mob only wacks people who get in their way but the NWO is trying to posin all of us, we would be in far better shape if the Mafia was in charge instead of the bankers.

  • Nathan

    Sean, Mr. Nielson is always classy and very well-spoken on the issues.

    It’d been awhile since you’d had him on, and I must say, it was a welcome thing having him return.

    Thanks to you, Mr. Nielson for what you do for us too!

  • Pump & Dump FRAUD!

    Editorial note: Stocks and Investing in company’s who do not produce legit physical products is the biggest scam in history ….

    “Facebook director Thiel sold 20 million shares after lockup”

    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Facebook Inc director Peter Thiel sold roughly $400 million worth of shares in the Internet social networking company last week, cashing out most of his stake, according to a regulatory filing.
    Thiel sold his shares on Thursday and Friday at average prices ranging between $19.27 and $20.69 per share after the end of the first lockup, which barred early investors and insiders from selling shares following the initial public offering.
    The sales, in which Thiel sold roughly 20 million Facebook shares, were conducted as a result of a trading plan that Thiel entered into on May 18, according to the filing.
    Thiel, who co-founded PayPal and was among Facebook’s earliest backers, still owns roughly 5.6 million shares of Facebook. A spokesman for Thiel declined to comment on the sales.
    Accel Partners, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm that was also an early backer of Facebook, distributed roughly 57.8 million Facebook shares to the limited partners and general partners of its various funds on Thursday, according to another filing. The move allows those partners to sell or hold on to their distributed Facebook shares as they see fit.
    Facebook, founded by Mark Zuckerberg in his Harvard University dorm room, became the only U.S. company to debut with a market value of more than $100 billion. But investors have grown disillusioned with Facebook’s inability to articulate a plan to reverse slowing revenue growth.
    Shares of Facebook finished Monday’s regular trading session at $20.01, down nearly 50 percent from their $38 offering price in May.
    More than 1.4 billion additional shares held by early investors and Facebook employees are set to become available for trading by year’s end, as additional post-IPO lockup restrictions are lifted


  • rich

    Our Coming Rentcropper Society
    This program is troubling not just on its own, but also as another manifestation of the falling status of the American middle class. As Matt Stoller wrote:

    Debt is not just a credit instrument, it is an instrument of political and economic control.

    It’s actually baked into our culture. The phrase ‘the man’, as in ‘fight the man’, referred originally to creditors. ‘The man’ in the 19th century stood for ‘furnishing man’, the merchant that sold 19th century sharecroppers and Southern farmers their supplies for the year, usually on credit. Farmers, often illiterate and certainly unable to understand the arrangements into which they were entering, were charged interest rates of 80-100 percent a year, with a lien places on their crops. When approaching a furnishing agent, who could grant them credit for seeds, equipment, even food itself, a farmer would meekly look down nervously as his debts were marked down in a notebook. At the end of a year, due to deflation and usury, farmers usually owed more than they started the year owing. Their land was often forfeit, and eventually most of them became tenant farmers…

    [W]e are in the midst of creating a second sharecropper society..Today, the debts do not involve liens against crops. People in modern America carry student loans, credit card debt, and mortgages…Young people and what only cynics might call ‘homeowners’ have no choice but to jump on the treadmill of debt, as debtcroppers. The goal is not to have them pay off their debts, but to owe forever. Whatever a debtcropper owes, a wealthy creditor owns. And as a bonus, the heavier the debt burden of American citizenry, the less able we are able to organize and claim our democratic rights as citizens. Debtcroppers don’t start companies and innovate, they don’t take chances, and they don’t claim their political rights.


    • Glitter1

      Rich, I agree with you 100%.My understanding is that in the European Feudal Middle Ages if a serf could muster enough cash he could purchase his Freeman Status from the Land owner and no longer be a serf tenant,he would be a true Freeman.When the migration to America took place, the Freeman came over and established their Freeman Status here, they were called Freeholders, since they owned their land out-right. This is where we get our political term Freeholder from.It has only taken serveral hundred years for the Shylocks and Elites to place us right back into Feudalism here and now in America.Being able to burn your mortgage use to mean something, now it means nothing, once the mortgage is paid off you still owe rent to the township in the form of property taxes and every year like clockwork the tax bill goes up 3-5%. If you don’t pay, you’ll see just how much you think you own the property. How is it that people forget where they come from so quickly!

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