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Syrian PM “Defection” Another PR Stunt

by Tony Cartalucci, Activist Post

PM was only in office since June 2012 – had been planning “defection” for at least as long based on battlefield before “Damascus Volcano” fizzled.

Hailed by the Western press and its impressionable readers worldwide as the “latest blow to Assad,” the departure of Syria’s Prime Minister Riad Hijab followed a mere 2 months in office. Hijab had been Syria’s agricultural minister since April of 2011, and only just recently was advanced to prime minister in June after recent elections were held in May 2012.

Image: Syrian Prime Minister Riad Hijab was in office for only 2 months before allegedly “defecting.” According to an aide, he had been planning his departures “for months” meaning his decision was not based on current events in Syria – events that have decidedly seen NATO’s momentum blunted after brazen terrorist attacks in Damascus and Aleppo were rolled back by a resilient Syrian Army. 

According to Hijab’s aide, the “defection” was planned “for months,” indicating that Hijab had apparently made his decision either upon becoming prime minister, or even beforehand – and that his decision to do so was not based on current events unfolding in Damascus or Aleppo, but on the lay of the battlefield “months” ago.

Months ago, NATO and its militant extremist front, the so-called “Free Syrian Army,” were preparing for “Operation Damascus Volcano.” Had Hijab become aware of the operation – an operation the Syrian government clearly knew about and was preparing for – the decision to escape being targeted in the operation by quietly agreeing to defect, might have been very tempting.

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