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Suzanna Gratia-Hupp on the Second Amendment

from eagleclaw006:

I’m not mad at the guns that did this. They didn’t walk in there by themselves and pull their own triggers… I’m mad at my Legislators for legislating me out of the right to protect myself and my family… The Second Amendment is not about duck hunting. It’s about our right to be able to protect ourselves, from all of you.

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8 comments to Suzanna Gratia-Hupp on the Second Amendment

  • Sudden debt

    I’m all for the second amendment, but for those who are constantly talking about it but never used it should shut up.
    To pany people are ust talking about it for show.

  • metalmercenary

    For those taking names . . . Chuck Schumer ranks quite high on the list.

  • CMA

    Susanna…Great job….their heads were handed to them by your truth…

  • Troy

    Who the fuck is going to make the call to take guns from law abiding citizens? As god as my witness, I will defend my right with any means necessary when confronted by some bastard instructed to take mine, and my neighbors guns. You try it, and you’ll have the world see a new civil war in America. We the people are fuckin pissed at the very ass wipes meant to represent us. You back off! The U.S. try’s to control other countries? 300 MILLION people are pissed off

  • Ed_B

    Those in power in this country must be very poor students of history. If they were not, they would know that the Revolutionary War was started because the British army was marching against civilians in order to disarm them and thereby have them totally at the British government’s mercy. THAT was what started the shooting. Is it at all unrealistic to assume that the 2nd American Revolution won’t be started by exactly the same thing? Let us hope that wiser and better educated heads prevail in the halls of government before yet another utterly stupid move is made against liberty.

  • Glitter1

    Schumer and others must be awefull chock sure that 150grs at 1000yds will never threaten any of them anytime soon!

  • rolyas

    ….spoons made me fat …….Dumb ass bastards

  • John


    Those in power do not care about history, they care about power. They do not care about our safety. They care about making sure we don’t have the capacity to defend ourselves, because they want to control our lives and they can’t do that when have guns. Those in power want to be apart of the New World Order, and they can’t be as long as we have guns. That is why our 2nd amendment rights are under assualt.

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