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Surprise! Swine Flu is Back – Just in Time For Flu Season: CDC Warns H3N2v Virus Infections in 3 U.S. States

from Alaska-Native-News:

Multiple infections with variant* influenza A (H3N2v) viruses have been identified in 3 states in recent weeks. From July 12 through August 3, 2012, 16 cases of H3N2v were reported and confirmed by CDC. This virus was first detected in humans in July 2011. It has also been isolated in U.S. swine in many U.S. states.

Since July 12, 2011, there have been 29 cases of H3N2v virus infection, including the 16 cases occurring in the last three weeks. All 29 cases were infected with H3N2v viruses that contain the matrix (M) gene from the influenza A (H1N1)pdm09 virus. This M gene may confer increased transmissibility to and among humans, compared to other variant influenza viruses. All cases have been laboratory-confirmed at CDC. Each of the 16 cases identified since July 12, 2012, reported contact with swine prior to illness onset; in 15 cases, contact occurred while attending or exhibiting swine at an agricultural fair.

While the viruses identified in these cases are genetically nearly identical, separate swine exposure events in each state were associated with human infections. There is no indication that the cases in different states are epidemiologically related.

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5 comments to Surprise! Swine Flu is Back – Just in Time For Flu Season: CDC Warns H3N2v Virus Infections in 3 U.S. States

  • Frank Zak

    A few years ago a lady marine put a video on
    You Tube risking her career. She was trained at
    check points with police to stop people and
    give bird flu shots. If you refused, you would be
    taken to camps immediately. It’s already in
    the system that you will go to a camp. She
    said to refuse the shot and go to the camp,
    to my surprise.

    I just saw this video a few days ago, but lost link.

  • Frank Zak

    I found video. here it is:

  • Troy

    I was at church tonight…and the preacher told the congregation about Chemtrails! He was saying that the “satin’s world order” was using them to break down peoples immune systems! Thats what I call waking up!!! My son was told be his history teacher 3 years ago about chemtrails being used for depopulation. The kids in the class believed him. I have talked to 2 doctors about chemtrails, and both knew about them. The masses are waking!

  • Rabbit

    Colloidal silver – getcha some.

  • Scott Sando

    You can’t catch the Flu if you have high levels of Vitamin D in your body

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