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Since Recession’s End, American Incomes Fall Most Since Great Depression

from Silver Vigilante:

Incomes of US citizens fell more in the three-year expansion,  known as the “greenshoots,” the “economic recovery” etc. than during the longest “recession” since the Great Depression,  according to an analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data by Sentier Research, LLC. For most of the US, the recession never ended and has actually morphed into a depression leaving 50% of Americans beneath the poverty line.  In the report, a former Census Bureau worker says that we are in “an unprecedented period of economic stagnation.”  The only reprieve for US workers has been  a false reprieve, as working more hours, while satisfying monetary demands, can leave an individual in an increased state of stress and therefore potential intellectual and spiritual incapacity.

Real median annual household income fell from $54,916 to $53,508 during the 18-month “shock therapy” brought on strong in the US and world by the banking collapse in fall of 2008.  Since the 18-month contraction, from December 2007 to June 2009, incomes have continued to fall, dropping to $50,964 in June.

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