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Rothschild Sees Game Over – Rothschild Plan of 2013 Breaking w Lord Myners Link

[Ed. Note: Um yes, the Rothschild’s are apparently backing Glass-Steagall purely as a means of self preservation, as we FIRST reported here several days ago.]

from wepollock:

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6 comments to Rothschild Sees Game Over – Rothschild Plan of 2013 Breaking w Lord Myners Link

  • Frank Zak

    Wonderful video. Right on the money.

  • FiveThousand

    Actually this guy has no comprehension of just how large the Rothschild interests are. They are orders of magnitude larger than he envisions. They are likely the counterparty (gold) in the rush to the exits on derivative trades if GS is re-instated. They would not want the law back unless it was wildly to there benefit, and I can assure you that won’t be to the benefit of any peon.

    They are certainly not concerned for you and I.

  • charlie

    Took the words right out of my mouth. Rothschilds backing GS is for their own benefit and if they are doing so, you should know a global currency is going to be implemented and people will accept it. infact everyone will accept it, even me because the global currency pushed by the NWO and the Rothschilds framework will be a gold backed currency.
    Every one of these so called financial guru’s have got it wrong, thinking that the elite, ie rothdchild, morgans, goldman, FED dont want gold backed currency re-introduced. ALL THESE FINANCIAL GURUS ARE (WRONG).
    The only way to get the people to accept their NWO agenda is to have one world government and one currency, and that currency will be gold backed which everyone will accept, AND THEY KNOW THIS.
    Ever wondered where all the GOLD from FORTNOX and other US reserves are? in the hands of the Elite, ready for the day to finally collapse the entire system according to THEIR timescales not OURS. and once that happens they will come with a new gold backed currency which everyone will accept and their NWO plan for global domination takes another leap further to enslave the global population.


    Jim Richards (Currency Wars) talks about the new currency is already set away in a safe 10 years ago ready to be implemented to the masses. If you all think the elite haven’t already got a plan of the new currency and what it will be, you are all Insane, especially some of the Idiotic Financial so called Gurus saying the elite dont like Gold. CELENTE, MAHONEY, SHIFF, MORGAN, CASSEY, and the list goes on… your all wrong…they fucking love it. (Even though i like you guys). It is the only currency globally that will get a global acceptance of GS is a step in the right direction by the global elite for their own benefit and to bring confidence into a ultimately corrupt system by the re-introduction of GS. The rothschilds backing GS is to give people confidence that they are doing this for the people and protecting savers from from banks dipping their paws into segregated saving accounts and splitting investment banking from normal banking practices which is what GS will ultimately do.
    when you own most of the gold, which i believe the elite do, then gold backed currency is on its way.

  • wepollock

    In no way am I confirming the conclusions of the SGT Report or the Larouche stating in the video “Is it more than likely wishful thinking on the part of the Larouche organization” having come to a conclusion based on a parroting of a BBC Channel News 4 segment measured in the seconds.

  • wepollock

    Please See the Description of My Video regarding Larouche Parroting an article of an “news feed.” My points are much more broad as described..

    Rothschild history no longer applies. Protecting your bank and business by international “salt and peppering” no longer works. Reuters is now running a “story” that a secret program instructs banks to have liquidation plans for “worst case scenarios” in which the government would not be able to effect a bailout. I provide commentary on unverified statements calling for the restoration of banking safeguards, which in turn would imply that the Rothschild bank sees game over in total. The downside of a global world being that it becomes impossible to hide through international diversification and “salt and peppering.” Salt and Peppering between nation states being a key historic feature of the Rothschild bank. (comments have been disabled because of the sensitivity to this topic) Lord Myners Calls For Full Glass Steagall

    In an interview with Jon Snow on this evening’s Channel 4 News, Lord Myners called for full Glass Steagall legislation to deal with the corruption of the banks, a policy I have been demanding for years.

    Yes, I do agree with that. I think the evidence of the last few weeks, and Diamond himself said that many of the problems that emerged in Barclays were within the ringfence as envisaged. Now the government has already diluted the ring fence that was proposed by Vickers, but the ring fence doesn’t go far enough. We need to go to what is known as a Glass Steagall model, which is a complete separation … Lord Myners.

    LaRouche was parroting the above article as a basis for their contention.

  • FiveThousand

    Charlie…You just hit it out of the park – Cheers!

    I too am surprised at how many don’t get it. It’s all a big trade – two sides to a trade – one side ends up being right and one side ends up being wrong (as measured by wealth). TPTB have spent the last 35 odd years getting 99.9% of the world population on the wrong side of the trade (*note below*). The 0.01% side was to {quietly} horde the gold of the world thru various means. [This will include massive salting of bars – all very professionally done and not yet known – by those that benefit from this.]

    One recent interviewer noted that Mises institute was being financed by TPTB – shocking when you first hear it, but completely in agreement with the way they want things to go – think about it folks! It is sophisticated, but you can handle it! Grab a coffee (while you can) and think critically!

    *Note*: It is important to note that in all populations there is a certain percentage that operate their financial lives in a very frugal manner – always able to save a certain percentage of income – call them savers. The elite have figured out how to get them on the wrong side of the trade too. Government debt and ensuing taxes does this – massive government debts are created by bailouts of, largely the banks. That is how they got these diligent people on the wrong side. For five years I have been reading about this financial crisis, and not once has any reporter or commentator stipulated this important fact/mechanism – incredible! (Too much bloody soma for the people.)

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