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Romney Makes Fatal Mistake By Picking Paul Ryan

from matlarson10:

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8 comments to Romney Makes Fatal Mistake By Picking Paul Ryan

  • Bob A

    This guy is a clown. Did he honestly think it would be any different. Did he honestly have head so far up his arse as to really believe that RP would be picked. If so, then he deserves to be benched from this site. LMAO. But really, he, like Bix though RP actually had/has a chance…once again, their heads are so far up the arse, they can’t think logically any longer. LOL.

    • Tony

      Bob, You must be a very important person to call for beching anyone from any site.

      It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice”

      Good Day

  • blounttruth

    Paul Ryan…lol, they just as well ran McCain/Palin again…

  • blounttruth

    to “Bob A” – He never stated that Ron Paul would be VP, he stated that we should vote for RP. RP has a plurality of 5+ states and can be nominated from the floor. It may well be our last hope for the delegates to choose Paul over Romney, and while a long shot one must keep faith. If you are simply a Paul hater then thats a different story, but I wouldn’t figure you to be at the SGT getting facts over the MSM fiction, so I assumed you to be better informed.

  • Phez

    Why are some of you so salty about Paul Ryan? Is it because he wants to cut down on your handouts and he has a plan to get a hold on the run away deficits and spending? Or is it because he is just smarter than you? And also for you liberals, did you know Liberal and Libertarian are not the same thing? And please explain to me why our current P and VP are so much better? Does Biden even know what deficit spending is or what a cut to spending is? Like most of you liberals, you interpret that to mean no more free lunch and you are angry about it! Out of any current candidate up for 2012, Paul Ryan is the best one we have, but most folks around here want their cake and eat it to, sniveling ingrates…….

    • Jon

      Phez, you’re confused on what type people you’re ‘talking’ to here. We’re not DailyKos, DemocraticUnderground of Huffington Post. We’re not a bunch of liberals and not Obama supporters either. But you go vote for Romney/Ryan. We’re not about the ‘want our cake and eat it too”. We just want a better pick than a Obamney and one think you would’ve too.

      • Phez

        No, I am not confused at all! At this current time, emphasis on current, there are 2 choices and until a Ron Paul ticket is seen, I make my choices on what information is available now, not “what if’s” and I certainly don’t piss and moan and try to discredit my “current” options. All I ever read here is nit picking and negativity. Folks around here seem to thrive off of the “negative” things. I personally think Romney picked Ryan because he knew he had to for a fighting chance against Obama. All I have read is how “bad a choice” Ryan was and I ask myself, “self, WTF is wrong with these people?” Yes, I want a better option than “Obamney”, but do we have that option? No and I don’t think another option is gonna happen and that is the reality of it. I try to live life one damn day at a time, anything more is a huge waste of my time. So in case you cannot tell, as of TODAY, I will support the Romney ticket ONLY because of Paul Ryan. Who else has any sort of budget proposal which includes massive cuts to Federal spending and corporate welfare?? I’m all ears. Take care….

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