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The Impending Collapse of American Medicine

Reflections on a Medical Career – Robert S. Dotson, M.D.

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,

Just as is every issue in the US, Obamacare and the wider question of the state of American health care are obscured by propaganda and disinformation. In the article below, Dr. Robert S. Dobson looks back on a lifetime of medical practice and provides facts and insights that might help us to understand our situation.

The US medical system is the most expensive on earth without being the best and without providing full coverage. One-sixth of the American population has no medical coverage.

There are two main reasons that US medicine is so expensive. One is that profits are piled upon profits. In addition to wages and salaries for doctors, nurses, and medical personnel, the American health care system has to provide profits for private hospitals, diagnostic centers, insurance companies, and for the accountants, attorneys and management consultants made necessary by the enormous litigation and regulatory compliance cost. American medicine is the most regulated in the world and the most criminalized.

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  • Choo Hader

    What are the odds my captcha code had a MD in it lol?

    Let’s not forget that not only is Western medicine a mess regarding costs and the way it is managed, but western medicine is fundamentally flawed ALLOPATHIC medicine. It isn’t even designed to make you better, only to control symptoms with drugs and justify as much surgery as possible.

    Big Pharma and their agents (MDs) are the biggest killers in the world today, even more than militaries. Most of their medicines are poison. If I had a nickel for every time a doctor violated the Hippocratic oath (knowingly or not) I’d have enough money to balance the quadrillion dollar derivative pyramid.

    FDA = Federal Depopulation Agency (working hard to kill you with poison food and medicine)

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