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Radioactive Contamination On San Francisco’s Treasure Island: A Tale Of US Government Obfuscation & Willful Ignorance

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On Treasure Island, a rectilinear manmade speck of land and former naval base in the San Francisco Bay, there is a spot the Navy calls “USS Pandemonium Site I,” occupied by low-slung housing units rented out as apartments. Potential contaminants: Radium-226 and cesium-137. “Likelihood of contamination,” according to the Navy, was “unlikely.”

However, in April 2011, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) did some tests along the streets around the USS Pandemonium site and found 93 spots where radiation levels weren’t 10% or 20% or 50% above the normal exposure level, but up to 2.7 times the normal exposure level. In one area, radiation was 4,380% above the annual dose limit and was considered “unsafe.”

The limit assumes exposure of 24 hours per day, for one year. So walking by is not a problem. But people live there! A high-rise development is planned next to it, pushing the island’s population from 2,800 to 20,000 residents. And now new evidence has emerged of the Navy’s still ongoing campaign of obfuscation. They just don’t want us to know! And apparently, they don’t want to know themselves!

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