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Q&A With The Doc: What if the PM Guru’s Are Wrong, & CNBC is Right??

by The Doc, Silver Doctors:

Bruce writes:

Doc- As a newcomer who has been burnt by every supposed financial advisor I have ever spoken to it gets very confusing.
We all know the markets are rigged. Every article I read or most of them are from outfits like Miles Franklin, Peter Schiff, David Morgan, Eric Sprott, You, etc. All of these folks have skin in the game. They are selling either the metals themselves or info about the metals. How does a person ever figure out that all these folks are not just lining their own pockets on scare tactic news about everything?
I have stacked over 10,000 oz. and have another 50 grand or so to invest. Morgan says stocks in precious metals are the way to go. I am quite sure you will say keep stacking. If all of these people are wrong I am screwed as I have put everything I have in this project. Peter Schiffs interview on Cnbc with that gigglie blonde, Maria was actually laughing at him. Do they know something he doesn’t? A salesman’s line of ‘trust me’ is when you know he is lying. What are your thoughts?

Bruce, sounds like you are putting too much emphasis on what the so called experts say rather than studying the fundamentals and making your own decision. Personally I would recommend taking a step back, evaluating the fundamentals, and making your own decision with your assets. Have any of the fundamentals that saw gold rise from $278 to $1910 or silver from $4 to $49 changed? Did the US government’s public debt of $16 trillion and unfunded liabilities of $100 trillion evaporate last night?

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1 comment to Q&A With The Doc: What if the PM Guru’s Are Wrong, & CNBC is Right??

  • Choo Hader

    That headline made me laugh out loud. Seriously.

    Anybody who ever read the late Howard Katz would be able to tell you why that will never happen, and anybody with half a brain should be able to see it too.

    BOOOYA! Real money. Silver is so undervalued it’s not even funny. Hell, an ounce of silver costs less bucket of KFC and some powdered mashed potatoes LOL. $30 isn’t even a good daily meal allowance.

    I thought about what $50 would buy in 1980. I remember. You could buy a carton of cigs, a case of beer, fill up you gas tank, AND still have money left to go to the movies with a date. Now you can only swing *one* of those (and not really on gas if you drive a truck). Hell in some states a carton of cigs cost $100.

    That leads me to arrive at my silver price target of $200:

    Case of beer $40 (only the best, no mega brewery pisswater LOL)
    Carton of cigs $60 (I think that’s what they cost, some states a lot more)
    Fillup of the family cruiser $60 (gas a little under $4/gal here)
    Movies $40 ($18 tickets, $6 1 popcorn, $8 2 soda pops, $8 2 candies)

    But by the end of the decade everything will probably cost twice that much so I revise my price target to $400/oz (LOL) That’s James Turk’s prediction coincidentally I think.

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