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Policeman Says, “When the President follows the Constitution, I will”

from FreedomlinkRadio:

This is a fantastic example of what happens when you arm yourself not only with a firearm but with knowledge. With knowledge you can effectively defend yourself against the police state.

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7 comments to Policeman Says, “When the President follows the Constitution, I will”

  • bestkeylar

    When the Police follow the LAW, I will !!!

    • Scott Sando

      You always follow the law, don’t harm, don’t steal, don’t lie in a contract, that’s it simple, outside of that nobody can tell you what to do period!
      I’m sick of order followers who do not engage there conscious. God bless this guy for not taking any shit, this guy is protecting his rights and ours, we all need to step up or lose our rights.

  • Jeff

    Where’s the victim?

  • StormJackal

    Cops are trained to intimidate you. They will make up bogus laws or regulations if you don’t know your rights.

    Bottom line: Know your rights!!!

  • Mr Numbertaker

    Takes tremendous courage not to back down in front of that much intimidation.

    I would think this guy would represent less than 1 in a 1000. Most people would have folded and submitted in seconds, a minute at most. This guy stayed strong for 10 mins, won the day, and protected his (and everyone elses) rights for another day.

  • Troy

    Those cops don’t even know the laws, what dummies!

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