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Peter Schiff: “We’re Headed For a Real Economic Collapse No Matter What”

from RonPaulCC2012 :

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3 comments to Peter Schiff: “We’re Headed For a Real Economic Collapse No Matter What”

  • jerry

    what a bunch of shit debating cuts on the economy by cutting entitelments BULL F#*!n SHIT Cut military spending eliminated DHS and HOMELAND SECuRITY and you could double the entitlement programs .Im sick and tired of all this blamed on entitlements from morons like Schiff . There was a time I favored Pete, but of late his retoric has become unbearable to the informed listner

    • Jayber

      Tell you what. Pull up the full budgets for the military (which can NOT be cut 100%, but we shall assume such for this exercise), DHS and “HOMELAND SECuRITY” and post those numbers with citations. Then pull up ALL entitlement spending, post and cite. Then do the same with projected spending on those items. If he’s full of “BULL F#*!n SHIT” then entitlements should be waaay below the other items for this year and all years going forward.

      I look forward to being educated.

  • Izzy

    Ya gotta love the truth tellers like Peter.Notice the satisfied attitude of the MSM for a job well done for lying and keeping R.P from winning.

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