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Peter Schiff at Freedom Fest 2012 ”Wall Street on Trial”

from PenguinProseMedia:

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2 comments to Peter Schiff at Freedom Fest 2012 ”Wall Street on Trial”

  • Bill

    No one conveys it like Peter. Thank God he’s out there.

  • Hman

    Peter is missing on the FED debt which is getting larger than the government debt because they are saving the Euro also. Part of the game goes like this:

    Foreign central banks sell agency debt (just any crappy bonds), the Federal Reserve buys those agency bonds with money created out of thin air, foreign central banks use the same money to buy Treasuries at the next US government auction to keep the game going and bail themselves out at the same time also.

    I guess the fed debt by now is growing faster than the US government debt and may have already exceeded it. No unwinding of this debt is needed as they will just cook the books and .. poof .. the debt is deleted from the computer. There is no auditor to check the books. They will not do this directly from the FED office but through a small bank that they intend to kill at the end to bury the whole story.

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