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Paul Ryan As a Fake

by James E. Miller, Mises:

In an effort to inject a bit of “spunk” into his otherwise dry presidential campaign, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has chosen Wisconsin Congressmen Paul Ryan to be his vice president in his face-off with President Barack Obama this fall. Ryan, who currently serves as the Chairman of the powerful House Budget Committee, was seen a risky choice due to his controversial budget measure that is seen as a radical restructuring plan for the national entitlement state. Titled “The Path to Prosperity,” Ryan’s plan has received a lot of attention over the past few days.

The mainstream media has predictably chosen sides with the announcement of Ryan as the veep nominee. The praise and criticism launched at Ryan by the usual suspects amounts to little more than predetermined clichés that fall within the simple paradigm of elephant versus jackass. On the left side of the political spectrum, Ryan has been charged with proposing draconian spending cuts that leave the poor to wallow in destitution without any assistance from Uncle Sam. The New York Times has lead the charge in accusing Ryan’s blueprint of being “cramped” and creating a government” that will be absent when people need it the most.” Over on the right, the Wisconsin Congressman has been extolled for his braveness in meeting Washington’s fiscal challenges head-on. Stephen Moore of the Wall Street Journal has written that Ryan’s “policy roots lie in the growth and opportunity wing of the GOP.”

In short, Paul Ryan is being depicted with regurgitated slogans that have little to no bearing on reality. The state-supporting media needs a story and is desperate to keep the American people convinced they still have an actual choice in policies come this November. The clearly unsustainable status quo is of no concern to the two major political parties that act as “two wings of the same bird of prey.”

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