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One Incredibly Symbolic “Accident”: The American Flag Fallls On Cue

from 9Nania:

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9 comments to One Incredibly Symbolic “Accident”: The American Flag Fallls On Cue

  • GoodOleBoy

    Hmmm….must have been made in China with the uniforms.

  • Cg

    Sometimes we should just sit back with a glass of scotch and chuckle. Accidents still do happen and being awake doesn’t mean we ought to scream at the sight of a bird flying over us because we think it’s a drone… Although it does make the scotch taste better.

  • Raymond Reason

    a harbinger of divine providence (for the rest of the world)?

  • Scott Sando

    That’s the military (marshal law) flag with the stripes horizontal the civil flag has stripes vertical.

  • matt

    Notice how the crowd applauds ! Very telling indicator to sentiment towards the US

    • J.A.Brown

      They were upset when it fell. The applause was at the end of the anthem for the atheletes.

      Really though, you can see the wind blowing it out of its holders. Now the evil X group controls wind? Looks like it was hasitly put onto a holder for the medal winners. Never give to malice what can be explained with stupidity.

      • Kelly

        J.A. Brown, you summed it up perfectly! I’m going to have to steal that last sentence. Thank you.

      • SGT

        I didn’t say it was caused to happen on purpose, the person who posted the video did. Regardless, as the headline I wrote reads, it’s highly symbolic (of the fall of the formerly free Republic of the United States of America)

  • bruce

    This could be a Tit-for-Tat. The North Korean Flag was erroneously played with. And it was joked about. This could be payback.

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