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Oliver Stone’s JFK – Great Closing Speech by Costner’s Character

by Silver42, Don’t Tread On Me

I forgot how great of a movie Oliver Stone’s JFK was since it has been years since I watched it. You can pretty much replace the “Warren Commission Report” with the “9-11 Commission Report”.

Great closing speech by Kevin Costner’s character Jim Garrison:

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5 comments to Oliver Stone’s JFK – Great Closing Speech by Costner’s Character

  • Hman

    JFK was mainly killed for issuing executive order # 11110 introducing competing currency, a silver dollar issued by the treasury. The Zionist FED & controlled CIA cannot and would not allow that, so he was eliminated by Bush senior.

    • Scott Wolf

      Yes,World Bank President at the time,John J. McCloy, was on the Warren Commission.Why was a banker part of this commission?It really makes you wonder about recent U.S. history.

      Kennedy was also killed for attempting to break-up the CIA and its Military Industrail Complex apparatus.

  • Tony

    Hollywood creates illusions, distractions, & deceit to mold perception, King Solomon the cornerstone of Freemasonry was an illusionist & magician, Hman & Scott are correct, the head of the snake the money changers can survive without war but not without the power to issue our money.

  • Shana Hughes

    Disinfo, the people who profited the most were the owners of the federal reserve, as Kennedy was issuing debt free money backed by the SILVER reserves. That is the only reason he was killed.

  • Raymond Reason

    Bobby Kennedy was the last hope this country had. Then they killed him too, and the coup d’etat was complete. We became a cryptocracy….a form of govt in which the leaders are invisible.

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