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MintChip: ‘The Evolution of Currency’ – Doorway to the Mark of the Beast

by SGT,

The Royal Canadian Mint recently introduced the MintChip and they say “it’s better than cash.”

MintChip stores your money in digital bites. A the promotional video touts, “Today’s digital economy is changing faster than ever. And currency has to change too… Money as we know it, is fine, for today. But tomorrow is a different story. MintChip is currency in a digital form. Using a chip you securely load value onto a smart phone, USB device, tablet or cloud, MintChip is better than cash.”

The claim is that a MintChip transaction is completely private. But the truth is that only cash, HARD cash (or better yet, physical silver and gold) can maintain your personal financial sovereignty. A cashless society is a Luciferian Bankster’s wet dream end game. And it must not be allowed.

The Bankster’s have raped and pillaged every aspect of our society since the inception of the privately owned Federal Reserve System in 1913. According to the limited GAO audit of the Federal Reserve that was mandated by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, the grand total of all the secret bailouts conducted by the Federal Reserve during the last financial crisis was $16.1 trillion.

So let’s recap: The international banking elite has given the world $700+ Trillion in derivatives fraud, the HSBC drug laundering fraud, the MF Global fraud, the high frequency trading pilfering and stock market fraud, the manipulation of the precious metals and bond market fraud, the MERS mortgage fraud, nearly countless individual frauds from both Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, and the international LIBOR interest rate fixing banking fraud, just to name but a few recent FRAUDS and breaches of Bankster credibility and trustworthiness.

Why on earth you would trust these criminals with your money on a chip?

According to filmmaker Aaron Russo, a personal friend of Nick Rockefeller – a direct heir to the Rockefeller banking empire, the final goal of the banking elite is to move the entire civilized world to a cashless system under their total control. All of your personal financial information and wealth, stored on an electronic chip which they can turn off any time they like.

This disgusting, duplicitous and evil ‘cashless society’ meme has picked up considerable steam in the mainstream financial press. As I highlighted in my article CNBC Anchor and CFR Member Erin Burnett Pushes Her Bankster Master’s Agenda: What if We BANNED Cash?, the Rockefeller founded CFR has been busy using its shill TV personalities to peddle their cashless society agenda via their mainstream mocking bird media outlets. It’s transparent and pathetic, but only if you know what your are watching. Sadly, million of Americans don’t.

Recently on CNBC, Erin Burnett, a CFR member and shill for the Rockefeller banking syndicate stated the following: “What if we got rid of cash? After all, cash is what keeps terrorists, drug dealers and gun dealers in business.

But with MintChip the hard sell for a move to a cashless society has gotten far more sexy. Now the marketing will be targeted at the youth who will find the convenience of having their “money” on their iPhone trendy and cool. Soon after, the Bankster’s will begin the push to implantable chips that can be “safely” stored in the human body. Why bother with a clumsy e-device which you can simply scan your hand?

MintChip marks the slippery slop into absolute pit of hell despotism, serfdom and slavery. Your every financial move will be tracked and your every purchase logged. And if you step out of NWO line you will relinquish the “privilege” of buying or selling. It will be the fulfillment of the Lucifierian Bankster dream.

It will be a nightmare for free humanity. Resist. Resist. Resist. At all costs, resist.

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23 comments to MintChip: ‘The Evolution of Currency’ – Doorway to the Mark of the Beast

  • Bobby

    Also see russo’s Freedom to Fascism must watch on youtube

  • bestkeylar

    Anything other than cash will have a “TRANSACTION FEE”

  • blounttruth

    One must also remember with a history of false flags when the governments get into financial trouble an accidental or intentional enemy setting off an EMP device near your banking storage facility wipes all records of your digital currency. I would assume the sheep will line up for this type of slavery and never think twice about it. How do you awaken the sleeping masses? Even if there was a financial crash worldwide the sheep would rely on the same people that brought all the corruption and fraud to “fix” the problem, and I think their plans have accelerated due to the advent of the internet and information sharing, but the power of the media and the illness of blind partisanship plays directly into their hands. If only 25% of Americans had any idea of reality, the banksters would be imprisoned without trial and held indefinately.

  • BladeMcCool

    the number one use for mintchips will be to buy bitcoins. Because bitcions are better than mintchips.

  • Dan

    Mintchip is a decoy for true alternative currency’s like bitcoins which are absolutely fantastic, sovereign money with zero counter party risk.

    Most people just simply do not understand Bitcoins and no matter how much they bang on about how its backed by nothing they will find out by the fruit of the performance and ability’s of Bitcoins as its grows exponentially in value and use, they will then have the opportunity to question their beleifs about money as to why exactly this is happening? And they will hopefully discover that it is because the only thing of value in the economy is the time and energy of people as I explain here

    • MRH

      Where does bitcoins value derive? What backs bitcoin other than a “promise” or barter? What makes bitcoin different from an FRN–which is backed by nothing but empty lies and promises; just ask the Chinese. Oh wait, the Chinese are using all their “bonds” and dollars to purchase REAL items like land, gold, silver, gold and silver mines and stock-piling huge amounts of copper, oil and they already have 95% of the rare earth minerals. You were saying that bitcoins are backed by what and their growth “exponentially in value and use” is measured how? Correct me if I am wrong, but bitcoin is a digital currency? Which means your freedom has been purchased by nothing for nothing.

  • Silver Shield

    And people wonder why I hate BitCoin…

  • FreedomScribe

    Remember when there was no Internet? No satellite communications for the average Joe? Old enough to remember Bank Americard, Master Charge, Diners Club, or even when only American Express was the credit card of choice? How about the days of no plastic? The obvious point here is that, unfortunately, this “personal” financial chip is coming and cannot be stopped. The banksters, the fascists, TPTB have already won – militarization of domestic police forces, killer drones, airport screening molestations, FEMA camps, metropolitan war games {e.g. St. Louis}, 2nd amendment bashing false flag propaganda, rigged elections,total mass media control, etc., etc. Best make your peace with it – Obama or Romney, with regard to stealing your hard earned dough, all one and the NWO same. The United States of Entertainment controls The Sheeple with vicarious pleasures. Persoanl antidote: Get back to the land/garden and make your peace with God…it is all there really ever was. For spiritual wisdom,look to the Amish – they figured it all out centuries ago. You desire future wealth? Learn organic farming/gardening and save heirloom seeds.

  • karate kid

    the collapse is in full swing
    they will inslave you
    you will have the mark of the beast

    and the say the bible was a waste of time
    these scum have no bounds

  • Greg

    Mint chip: “The evolution of tyranny”

  • stuart

    no thanks! give me silver and gold please

  • Steve

    The cash equivalent of bittorrent is already hear. It’s called bitcoin; just google it. A person to person digital currency which does not require any middle man and no transaction fees.


    Money must have (be) five things: DURABLE, DIVISIBLE, CONSISTENT,CONVENIENT, AND VALUE IN ITSELF. by Aristotle

  • willyt2

    Everyone is missing the point, the whole banking industry/financial is corrupt so is government. We dobn’t have a choice, this is coming whether we like it or not unless the corruption stops, and I can’t see that happening any time soon. Soon we won’t have control of anything our lives, our freedom, our money, all gone. I hope this whole system comes crumbling down soon it certainly needs to.

  • Steve_D

    Great piece Sean, you know my feelings on this issue.

    People often ask, What system will TPTB impliment after the death of the paper paradigm?
    It’s staring us right in the face, the very thing Aaron Russo warned of all those years ago, first this then Biometrics, Iris scan, thumb scan etc.

    • SGT

      Thanks Steve. I just tweaked the title, which is what I was thinking when I wrote it.

    • john

      Are we incapable in running our own lives? Is TPTB some god that has to rule over us? People keep referring on what they will bring in next? Fuk the fukers.. We don’t need them.. The people need to wake up soon…… These Bstrds are human beings like the rest of us, nothing gives them the power to rule us…

  • Ed_B

    Digital money is definitely the way to go. After all, it’s just so much bother and effort to actually have to steal, move, and handle REAL money. It might even leave a paper trail that a blind man could follow, although the US Dept. of JustUS probably could not follow such a trail unless they were in on it. Just look at the sweat that JPM had to break to vacuum out the vaults at MF Global. No JustUS Dept. problems there!

    With digital money, none of that hard work is necessary. A few keystrokes and… SHAZAM! Billions of dollars stolen from the rightful owners and given to the banksters. After all, we all know in our hearts that they are the rightful owners of ALL money, property, etc. Heck, if we thought that they were blatant thieves of currencies and PMs, just watch them go now!

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