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Military helicopters to conduct routine training over Twin Cities during evenings this week

[Ed. Note: “Do not be alarmed, citizens. These are just a few military attack helicopters flying over your Minneapolis neighborhoods this week. Go about your business…”]

from The Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Authorities say military aircraft will be conducting routine training over the Twin Cities through Saturday.

Minneapolis Police say the U.S. Special Operations Command training actually began last Sunday, but it was in locations not easily seen by or open to the public.

But police say the urban-environment training will become more visible as helicopters support the training this week. Residents may see or hear low-flying, military transport helicopters, specifically Black Hawks and smaller Hughes 500s, flying in the Minneapolis area between 7 p.m. and midnight.

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1 comment to Military helicopters to conduct routine training over Twin Cities during evenings this week

  • Phez

    Thanks for posting this SGT. Ironically, the National Guard base here in my city just received their first Black Hawk helicopter! The local media portrayed this to be needed for “faster response times”. I ask, faster response times for what? What the hell does a city with approx. 150k population need a Black Hawk helicopter for “faster response times”? Someone please help me figure this one out! Isn’t the National Guard suppose to protect us from the Federal Government? Or is it that they were ordered by the Fed to arm and prepare for civil unrest? Hmm, I find this very disturbing considering the city I live in…….That and I witnessed my first sighting of a Drone flying over head this weekend, how comforting…..severe sarcasm

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