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Man Starts 30 Day Jail Term for Collecting Rainwater on His Own Land

from Off Grid Survival:

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A couple weeks ago we told you the story of Oregon landowner Gary Harrington, who was sentenced to 30 days in jail for collecting rain water on his property.

After fighting the state of Oregon for the last 11 years and refusing to empty his ponds, Harrington has voluntarily surrendered himself to the state. He will serve the next 30 days in jail for what amounts to collecting rainwater and runoff from his own property.

Outside the courthouse, Harrington talked to reporters. He told them:

“I love my country; I’m willing to go to jail since apparently that is what it takes to get the truth out and restore common sense and freedom in America. As American citizens it is our duty and right to hold responsible those we allow to govern us by our consent…..” ” Common sense is the basis for common law, without common sense, the law is insane and we did not agree to be governed by insanity or illegality. Our citizens throughout our history have laid their lives, liberty, and property defending these rights that we cherish. I am sacrificing my liberty so that we can wake up as a country and stand for our liberty.”

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