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Low Paying Job? CNN Says Get Used To It.

from Silver Vigilante:

Low paying jobs, production of useless commodities – the new economy offers workers an opportunity to walk away from their low-paying, unfulfilling jobs to live free as entrepreneurs. It is virtually a condition of the economic depression, as increasing workers find themselves out of work or not making enough. Why work for meager wages when you can, with tools like the internet, begin making similar amounts of money as you were before, on your own. With ad revenue, for example, you can be making the same as before – what, $8 an hour – with less work. By producing for ourselves, we no longer sacrifice our own self-improvement for the enrichment of other people. I am not saying there is something wrong with working for others, although I view the hourly wage as degrading and reserved for slaves. What I am however saying is that, as news of a poor labor market grows increasing acute over time, employers will use this condition to justify not paying there workers. You might hear refrains, such as “where else would you make this kind of money?” When, in reality, you are living paycheck to paycheck. The amount of raises workers can expect in the long-term are set to decline as well, as a condition of the current depression paradigm.

Just like we have the opportunity to drain the global banking complex of capital via old world money like precious metals and new world money like digital currencies, we can starve employers of their capital, our labor. Yes, things still need to be produced. Yes, the current infrastructure is likely to be needed in order to produce. But, why not assert the laborers power not with a boycott, asking for higher wages and our old jobs, but by a pro-active immersion into a parallel economy in which we ourselves become the producers of whatever we want/need.

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