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IT’S OFFICIAL: Keep Your Money In This System & LOSE It All – Susanne Posel

Writer & researcher Susanne Posel of joins me to discuss recent court rulings declaring it LAWFUL for banks to use YOUR money to pay THEIR debts and bad bets. It’s all in place now with legal precedent, so if you lose your money to these banks in the future, just remember YOU WERE WARNED.

In Part 2, Susanne explains that the global “Elite” don’t really ultimately care about your “money”, they PRINT the stinkin’ money! What they are really after is our SOVEREIGN debt and the land of our entire nation; ALL tangible wealth pledged to them, FOREVER.

Part 1:
IT’S OFFICIAL: Keep Your Money In This System & LOSE It All
Part 2:
The Global Elite Wantes Your Land, Country & Sovereignty
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58 comments to IT’S OFFICIAL: Keep Your Money In This System & LOSE It All – Susanne Posel

  • Mike

    Great interview as usual! Thank you both for your work!!

  • Tim


    Did I hear Ms. Posel correctly that Credit Unions are not safe?

    • Tony

      Unfortunately whether you have money in credit unions or in your pocket does not matter it will be worthless.
      Best to have some paper money in your possession for that very small window of buying opportunity to purchase necessities while people still accept dollars (perhaps a day or 2 at most). The rest can be used to burn for heat.

    • SGT

      she did, I was surprised by that too – to be clear, I personally think a well run credit union is faaaar safer than one of these big TBTF banks. The “bank deposits” are supposedly insured by the FDIC which is now a joke since the FDIC doesn’t have enough reserves on hand to satisfy but a fraction of losses. Whereas credit union deposits are insured by NCUSIF, their own version of the FDIC – which, is probably much better run. In fact, I have a friend who manages a credit union and they are regularly audited and must maintain deposits on hand equal to all outstanding loans.

      Having said all that, when the Dollar goes, all bets are off.

      • Mr Numbertaker


        You know as well as me that no bank or insurance company has the funds to cover all depositors / liabilities.

        Everything is underwritten / insured by other banks and institutions, who in turn are underwritten and insured by others. Eventually this circle gets to the government – who in turn are underwritten by the central banks – who are in turn underwritten by the government, and so the circle continues again.

        You see, when the music stops the whole house of cards will collapse – their will be no one to pay out on anything.

        As wise men have said many times – when the collapse comes, ‘anything paper will be worth the paper its written on’.

        Now, the big question in these days of electronic money and electronic records of electronic money is, how much is a pixel on a screen, or a magnetic 0 or 1 on a disk drive/server going to worth?

        When this storm hits there will be no ‘insurance’ or ‘underwriters’ to come to the rescue of anyone.

        Prepare accordingly.

      • Freedom Fighter

        Love this video

    • Freedumbs'ear

      Thanks again sean for what you do and the wonderfull guests you bring to our attention.I thought i would bring up some points for the people who are just waking up and maybe clear up some comments made on the video’s.In 1933 money was eliminated, so there can be no debt, and the crown agreed to pay all debts public and private(hjr 192).At that time people found out that legally their deposits were loans to the banks and they lost their moneyThe BANKSTERS then brought forth there imaginary credit/debt scheme and backed it with social security as insurance scheme to prevent any losses to them.For you they invented deposit insurance to give the deluded peace of mind.It’s now that they are imploding the system that they not allowing these fraudulent insurance schemes to pay out because there never was enough credit/debt in the system to cover the losses when they finally imploded everthing like now when the impossible contracts blew up.(interest credit/debt is not created when all obligations are created so it guarantees defaults by the percentage of the interest rate when credit/debt freezes or increases when deflation hits like now)LEGAL=CORPORATE POLICY.So if you if you agree that you are the property of the UNITED STATES aka a UNITED STATES CITIZEN/14 AMENDMENT SLAVE the corporation can do anything they want to you including murdering you and it’s all LEGAL.On the other hand it is not LAWFUL (GODS LAW OF DO NO HARM)to do this to men and women.This truly is a matrix that you have to remove yourself from to become free (you already are a slave and own nothing since 1933 with the use of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE as this identifies you as a citizen/person/corporation/cestui qui trust/franchise and property of the corporate UNITED STATES.The BANKSTERS did a bait and switch and just transfered the government of the corporation to rule over you by these satanic deceptions.The republic is alive and well, just not populated because everyone thinks they should be UNITED STATES CITIZENS/SLAVES.Once people come out of the matrix and see what is going on then you can take lawfull steps to protect yourself.Unfortunately satins minions are no respector of the law.If any of you did not know this information and want to learn more check some of this stuff out. (to remove you from the matrix or any of Winston shrouts stuff if you what to learn about commerce.

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    What is sovereign about sovereign debt if the creditor cannot be told if it is a choice between the creditor or the people who loses then the creditor loses rather than the people ?

    • SGT

      Our criminal government has pledged the national parks against the national debt. By some accounts they have pledged the CITIZENS of the United States themselves against the debt. If the creditor nations are not forgiving, the reasons to invade and take what they’ve been illegally promised are obvious. This is what the people get when they allow their government to turn criminal.

      • Mike

        Look what happened in Germany when they could not pay France. Take a look at

      • T. Bear

        Another good explanation!!

      • john


        First…thanks for all you do. You’re a true patriot.

        As far as the US assets being pledged…and to take it a step further, the people…this isn’t the case. The Chinese primarily hold US Treasuries and agency debt. The debt is unsecured and payments are based upon the ability of the US govt to collect revenue. So there is no claim on any asset, only the full faith and promise of the US govt to pay back the debt.

        The Chinese or any other entities do not own the US. They would have to take their dollars and buy real assets(property) to own the US.

        Reminds me of the movie Tombstone when Wyatt Earp told Sheriff Behan, ” I don’t think I’ll let you arrest us today”. 🙂

        Who exactly is going to come over and confiscate US property and assets? I’d hate to be the one who drew that detail. Will they get molested by the TSA as they enter the country?

        With the assets, natural resources, and nuclear weapons of the US govt, no foreign entity is going to force us to do anything. Hyperinflation or cancellation of debt will be the ultimate scenarios…yes, both will be ugly events and horrible times…but we’re not going to be shipped off on slave ships to China and Russia.

        • SGT

          Hey John, China has demanded guarantees in the past. So who knows exactly WHAT they’ve been promised.
          China Needs U.S. Guarantees for Treasuries, Yu Says (Update2)

          Others will argue that our very bodies have been pledged against the debt.

          As far as what may or may not be possible, I agree with you – invading this country would be a reckless and foolhardy decision since, as the Japanese noted, there is a gun behind every blade of grass”. However, if your assertion is that because “the US government has nuclear weapons” no enemy nation could ever come to claim what they (may) have been promised, I don’t necessarily agree. The US government is no longer “our” government, we are an occupied nation. A group of central banksters has bought up our Republic with the fiat they print and the entire system including the military industrial complex is now beholden to them. By some accounts part of their plan IS for this country to engage in a nuclear war with China and/or Russia. I don’t think the monsters running this country will work to stem a nightmarish conflict in order to save the people, any more than they will work to avoid a civil war in this country – one they appear to be preparing for.

          • john

            Still, the “guarantee” is just a promise, and promises were made to be broken. I don’t buy any of the FDR/birth certificate stuff. If that were the case, it wouldn’t be so easy to renounce citizenship.

            I do fear things could escalate to a nuclear war. As Bix Weir is always talking about the “good guys vs. bad guys”…hopefully we have enough good guys with common sense in our government and military.

        • GoodOleBoy

          According the the latest from Jim Willie, the contracts with the east are written to be settled in gold. Also, while China has a lot of T bills, they also own Mortgage Backed Securities and many other hard assets. What happens if China stops accepting US dollars? Does the US go to war with them because they wont sell to us anymore? While are military is massive compared to theirs, the cost of running and maintaining such a large force is massive. Where do they get the goods needed to run the military if countries outside the US dont take US dollars? We have lost the manufacturing base to do anything here. We all know about the oligarchy and their evil plans but I dont believe that the people needed to carry out those orders will do it. There is a lot more going on than what we see.

          • john

            As a real estate investor myself, I’ve become less and less excited about this type of “hard asset”. Yes, the cash flow is great…but at the end of the day, I don’t really own the properties. Who knows what level the property taxes could be raised to. The government COULD suddenly charge me more in taxes than the properties are even worth.

            Gold and silver imo, are the only places to be at this time. Holding outside of the US is even better.

  • GoodOleBoy

    Great interview.

    My belief is that they want to lock down the country after the collapse to protect themselves and to make sure the new system will be implemented just how they want it. All in all it comes down to the people and if we will accept the solution the give us or return the principles that made this country great. We are winning the infowar and more and more people are waking up everyday. The other thing is the troops. It is my belief that there is a lot of good people in the military that still are loyal to this country and the Constitution. Of course there are those that are globalists. The question is, will we allow them to tear this country and the concept of nation states to be eliminated.

    • Mr Numbertaker

      People have become lazy and ignorant – they will take the easy option. They will accept whatever solution they are offered in order to get out of the misery they will be faced with. Hunger and fear change people and few people these days have experienced either. This makes them ‘malleable’.

      As for the military – they will follow orders and do as they are told – as all diciplined and well trained personal do. That said, it is more likely that the crushing of rebellions will be carried out the paramilitary police we now have, perhaps in association with the sociopaths in various agencies. I am sure many TSA given military weapons will have few issues with using them.

      Even those who are awake are unlikely to act before the collapse. When the collapse comes it will be too late, indeed there are strong arguments to support the fact that it is already too late.

      Good luck anyway.

      • GoodOleBoy

        What percentage did we have when we first defied the crown? Yes, some people have become ignorant and lazy. Others are struggling to get by. But, it is the minority that makes history happen.

        Some in the military will just follow orders but who will be giving them the orders? From what I see there is many in the pentagon that are opposed to what is going on. Sure, the oligarchs have there people in different places, but I am of the view that the majority of people are good people. Our military are not mindless robots, I know quite a few. Going door to door in Iraq is one thing, down Main St is another. Same goes for the police. We only see the bad guys because those are the guys who make the news.

        Not to say I am not prepared because there are things at play here beyond our control. Thanks to the internet and people like Ron Paul the seed of liberty has been planted. You can give up hope and move to the hills and try to hide from the coming storm but if the bad guys win there wont be a place to hide. I for one dont want that for my kids and I will do everything in my power to stop it. The system does have to collapse though, that is the only way to clear this corruption and greed out so we can start over new. The question is who will shape the future, the people or the tyrants?

  • Scott Sando

    Thanks, Sean, Susanne, for taking time to spread honest news and views, so we can do our best to help our family and community.

  • Hman

    This is the first time I hear Susanne speak, she is good, and thanks for posting SGT. It is ironic that the only countries that are not under the globalist control are the ones listed as axes of evil!!

  • Mr Numbertaker

    The Hague Convention of 1899 bans the use of hollow point bullets on the battle field, but there is a long history of soldiers modifying their rounds anyway.

    Hollow points and wadcutters have long been prefered by the pistol executioner.

    During WW1 and WW2 it was not not uncommon for soldiers tasked with executing prisoners (especially those asked to deliver the ‘coup de grace’) to file the nose, or otherwise flatten the nose, of the bullet(s) to be used.

    The idea was to prevent over penetration (ie risk of a round passing straight through a victim and presenting a ‘hazard’), with the other benefit of less mess to deal with afterwards. This was a particularly important consideration if using the standard issue high-power bolt action rifles.

    The British used flattened .45 pistol rounds in WW1 to execute prisoners (even against their own troops refusing to fight), and the Nazis used ‘flattened’ pistol rounds to shoot into the heads of ‘prisoners’ at point blank range (often kneeling down over mass graves). Stalins goons apparently used civillian type ‘wadcutter’ rounds in pistols to deal with many political prisoners.

    In civillian roles the Hague Convention does not apply – and all manner of monstrous rounds can be used by police or ‘agents of the state’ against civillians.

    Hollow point rounds, especially those in common ‘pistol calibres’, are ideal for executing people with just a single round to the head. This type of round looses its effectiveness quickly as range increases, so in my opinion someone buying large quantities of these rounds has planned for much close range shooting. In 1938 Stalin did a lot of close range shooting – approx 350000 that year, then another 350000 the year after, then another……………….

  • Hman

    Israel is the only country that is actively using hollow point bullets (Dum-Dum bullets) against it’s own population “the Palestinians”! It makes me think who is deciding what type of bullets are to be purchased and used against US citizens.

    • Tony

      @ Hman we are already living under an Israeli Talmudic Control model AKA the synagogue of satan. No one is honest or brave enough to admit it.

    • Tony

      Another most recent example of the “brave” israelis from mike Rivero’s Israelis tear Palestinian woman’s clothes off

      Ramallah: A group of Israelis attacked a Palestinian woman in the village of Lebnan Al Sharq on Wednesday afternoon, tearing off her clothes in front of her husband and son who retaliated by attacking the colonists, injuring one. The Israeli military allowed the gang to beat the Palestinian husband Khaled Sameeh Daraghmah and his son Sameeh before they arrested the two men and removed them from the area.

      • Hman

        Tony, thanks for your valid point, and yes no one dare speak of it. Looks like to me with the current setup including FEMA concentration camps, the TSA, the new laws, Dum-Dum bullets .. etc. US citizens may experience life in GAZA (What goes around comes around).


        • Tony

          Open air prison,

          In a book written in 1971 called “The Grandees” the author quotes from a book written on Jewish genealogy of wealthy American families only distributed within the Jewish community. Rockefeller is a sephardic morano Jew funded by Rothchild covertly changed name & attended church but make no mistake Rockefeller is of the bloodline of the synagogue of satan.

  • mark

    Bill Rogers, Marc Faber, Kyle Bass, James Turk, Eric Sprott, ect ect. Say to diversity. But people listen to some armature with a website.

    • MRH

      Mark, I presume you mean Jim Rogers and, I also presume you mean amateur, not armature (which is used to make sculptures). Besides that, it sounds like you disagree with Ms. Posel’s stance regarding taking your money out of the system and investing it in real assets–such as non-GMO seeds, gold, silver, land, water and the like. If this is the case, you are not a very good listener, nor are you paying attention. Kyle Bass has invested in shipping containers and has the buried on his land which are filled with hard assets, like non-GMO seeds, water; he is also invested in PALLETS of nickels–for the nickel content. All of the other people you have listed are very heavily–some 100% (as in NOT diversified)–in hard assets–like gold and silver. They may be diversified but it is a very, very short list of items in their portfolio. You need to do more research before you call people out who are doing the right thing and SHARING FOR FREE their wisdom. You would also be wise to check your post before submitting them. Just a thought.
      Keep the faith, keep strong and keep stacking.

  • joe

    Sean,credit unions are not safe at all. I am a CU president and I am here to tell you that they are tying credit unions into the bankning system. They recently approved CUs to start into swaps and other risky investments in order to be on even ground as the banks. The NCUSIF is about as well funded as the FDIC. If one big CU gets it, the whole fund is completely broke. In a relative sense, yes CUs are better than banks but look into the Corporate CU area and you will realize that CUs are on very shaky ground. I was just at a conference where others could not comprehend why NCUA was still requiring sprecial assessments for the NCUSIF when there have been no real losses yet but they are not cutting their budget at all but instead are hiring at a break neck speed in order to have enough examiners on hand to handle the coming failures in CU land. I quit working at big banks and came to CUs thinking that things were different but many of the top players in CUs today came from big banks and they sure did not change the way they operate. Think about it, your CU does not keep all those deoposits or reserves in the back room or the basement. They keep everything with their corporate CU and guess where they keep all their deposits and reserves? Thats right, with the FED or other big bank. I would love to tell you that your funds are safe at a CU but reality prohibits this. They are coming for all of it so try to get out of the old thinking and start thinking about life without banks and CUs-could be a wonderful life!

    • Mr Numbertaker


      I concur. A charity I support was interested in using a credit union. We did due dilligence and found that funds not being loaned to the local community were – yes youve guessed it – deposited in an account with a large international bank ‘for safe keeping’.

      If you dont hold it yourself you dont own it – no matter how nice or well intentioned the people charged with safeguarding your money/assets are. Most people just dont have a clue, not even an idea, of how bad things could get if the system collapses.

      Remember, ‘if its on paper its worth the paper its written on’, as many wise men have warned (just how much is the paper that a 10 Dollar / Euro / Pound bank-note is printed on worth anyway?).

    • Tim

      Thanks, Joe, for the information. I must say, though, I’m suprised to hear this from a “CU President.”

      • joe

        Sorry to surprise you Tim but I am, in fact, the President of a credit union and the truth is not always nice and fuzzy. I am still in this business only because I have become pigeon holed as a banker due to my job title and am unable to find work outside of this nonsense. I have even applied to be a laborer but they pretty much laugh when they see the work history even though I can work cirlces around most laborers. You are gravely mistaken if you think your funds are safer in a CU than in the “system”. CUs are as much of the system as any bank. I would love to share more if anyone is interested.

        • Tim


          I wasn’t doubting that you’re a CU President. I was just surprised that someone at such a high level in a credit union would express the views you’ve shared above. But I understand now as you stated that you’ve tried to leave. I have my life savings in a local credit union, and now I’m concerned. I appreciate you sharing this information.


    • SGT

      There was a time in the not-so-distant past the credit unions had to abide by a much more conservative set of rules than the big banks. Sounds like this is changing. Good info, thanks for sharing it Joe.

    • Glitter1

      All Credit Unions, as do banks, invest in T-Bills & T-Bonds in verying degrees.I’ve belonged 40yrs to one of the top 10 rated CU in the Country, Utiliies Employees Credit Union out of Reading PA and they are about 20% invested in T-Bills/Bonds mostly to support their Money Market funds. There are no Banking Institutions independant or immune from the Bankster Network System.When the Dollar/Gov Debt goes down, everything will go down with it because it’s all interconnected, unfortunately it’s been planned that way.

  • john

    SIR JOSIAH STAMP (President of the Bank of England in the 1920’s, the second richest man in Britain)
    “Banking was conceived in iniquity, and was born in sin. The Bankers own the Earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create deposits, and with the flick of the pen, they will create enough deposits, to buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear, and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But if you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers, and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create deposits.”

  • Glitter1

    The long term Bankster goal has been to undermine the World and Local banking system and consolidate the system every time there is a hiccup.There are no Small Independant Community Banks anymore. There are no Small Savings and Loans anymore.The Regional Banks are either failing or being taken over by the Larger Regional Banks.Now there are talks about JPM & GS absorbing B of A and Citi Bank.This has been a well crafted and active plan conceived several hundred years ago and we are all witnessing the fruits of their criminal activity coming to fruition along with all of are elected representatives, past and present,just standing aside with their bribes and payoffs allowing the wealth of generations to be looted before our very eyes!TPTB know that when the masses finally wake-up to what has ocurred it will get hugely ugly and quick, that’s why they are arming themselves. Remember Robespierre who fomented and prosecuted the Bloody Frech Revolution, in the end he had his own head cut-off along with others!Beware Traitors!

  • MRH

    Awesome, very timely and well informed interview. Thank you and Susanne for sharing your time and wisdom with us. It is greatly appreciated. I had chills more than once listening to this information. Scary stuff. I would have to agree with Susanne regarding the awakening process–if someone, anyone, is not awakened in short order we need to move-on and get organized. Time is short and supplies and are thin. We need to ban together, locally, and have some type of communication device for regional and national communications. Otherwise, we will be “islands” and that is exactly what the banking scum wants.

  • Ed_B

    “I personally think a well run credit union is faaaar safer than one of these big TBTF banks.”

    I agree 100%, Sean. My wife and I have “banked” at our local CU for over 35 years. We have found them to be exceptionally well run. They exist to serve the local community and are not tied to any of the big banks. In fact, their charter forbids this as well as investing any of their owners money in anything not located within the bounds of this county. Money on account there and valuables stored in their SDBs is about as safe as they can be anywhere. Give up the idea that there is some kind of perfect safety out there that will safeguard your money and other valuables against all possibilities… because there is no such thing. Our CU is probably the safest place we have to store valuables and money and, yes, we do have a safe and a backyard in which to store valuables. I also agree that once the dollar car leaves the train tracks, all bets in dollars are off!

    “Now, the big question in these days of electronic money and electronic records of electronic money is, how much is a pixel on a screen, or a magnetic 0 or 1 on a disk drive/server going to worth?”

    Can we sat a gnat fart in a hurricane? Yes, we can!

    “When this storm hits there will be no ‘insurance’ or ‘underwriters’ to come to the rescue of anyone.”

    Agreed. This is the point where family, friends, and community will either come together or they will go under separately.

    “As for the military – they will follow orders and do as they are told – as all diciplined and well trained personal do.”

    Perhaps and to a point. There ARE patriots in the military too, you know, and when it becomes clear that the civilian government has crossed the boundary between freedom and tyranny, I expect all or part of the military to move against the head tyrant and do what is necessary to save the country. This is not guaranteed but it sure is likely. Hell, even the Russian military wanted no part of firing on their own citizens as the USSR collapsed. What makes anyone think that they are inherently better than we are? FAR from it!

    “Even those who are awake are unlikely to act before the collapse. When the collapse comes it will be too late, indeed there are strong arguments to support the fact that it is already too late.”

    Agreed. The course is set and the ship of state is too large to be turned on a dime to avoid what is not ordained. Whatever happens in he next 2-3 years will be of historic consequence. It has been building for 40-50 years and what we are now seeing is the result of all the poor choices made during those 4-5 decades. In that regard, yes, it is already too late to avoid financial Armageddon and the utter chaos that will result. The part that CAN be affected, however, is what comes after that. That will be the rebuilding of America phase. Unfortunately, that will be up for grabs and no one knows what will be the direction of the country or even whether or not there will even be a country. Hopefully, we won’t fracture into a bunch of little regions, each out for itself and itself only.

    • Mr Numbertaker


      Good to see some optimism and the hint of a fighting spirit.

      You state, “….it is already too late to avoid financial Armageddon and the utter chaos that will result. The part that CAN be affected, however, is what comes after that”.

      Yes, I agree. The post collapse period – this is where the real hard work will need to be done, the time when people discover what they are really made of. Building is much more difficult than destroying.

      Despite years of warnings, and a mountain of clear evidence, many people are not going to know what has hit them when their bubble is burst. Are the masses mentally and physically up to the task they will find themselves presented with? Who knows, but I feel we wont have to wait too long to find out.

      Anyway, all the best to you and your family – maybe I’ll see you, ‘Tony’, and a few others on the other side (Mr. Numbertaker is ‘going dark’ from 01-09-12).

  • joe

    So your CU keeps all excess deposits that are not out in the form of a loan on premise? Your CU could have the best intentions in the world but it does not make your funds any safer-they would be safer in your sock. Everyone, You should only have enough funds on deposit to cover checks that you have written. It’s all the same and everyone needs to get rid of this old thinking and antiquated arguments of this is better than that, repub vs dem, etc. They love to baffle you with bullshit and keep your mind occupied with worthless thoughts and ideas. Let it go and move on with it already. Everyone needs to stop debating useless shit and realize what is really at stake.

  • Steve_D

    Sean, I urge you to listen to these:

    America – The Sea of souls –

    Part 2. The whole world is a Bank. –

  • dan

    Just a reminder…NWO to achieve a one world currency, MUST trash ALL Fiats….seems that they are close to dumping all fiats for their UN currency SDR…in addition all assets in USD currency will go to ZERO….

  • John

    In relation to your comment about hollow point bullets. Most police around the world use them. The Geneva convention only refers to war not domestic law enforcement. It is highly likely that all the police offices who watch your post would have informed you of this already, so why do you keep on saying it.

    This concerns me. John

    • SGT

      Hey John, What ought to concern you is that our criminal government is ordering hallow point bullets by the millions, what should NOT concern you is that I’m talking about it. And because this criminal government has essentially cancelled the Posse Comitatus Act, and is now actively putting troops on the streets, I would have no expectation that they would abide by the Geneva Conventions domestically, or internationally. The point is that the government of the United States appears to be arming itself with very deadly ammunition for war against the PEOPLE.

  • Tom G.

    Another good interview. Posel is a fine writer. Just a heads-up. Cognitive dissonance, as she defines it, is something that is outside a person’s purview, or something that goes against their normalcy bias perhaps. But that is not how cognitive dissonance is defined. Cognitive dissonance occurs when a person holds two contrary views at the same time and thus is stuck trying to reconcile them.

  • mr620

    what about citizen of Canada and Australia, do you think we have to take such extreme measure like what Posel had suggested?

  • Choo Hader

    Tony and Hman – CORRECT

    “In order to know who rules over you, first learn who you cannot criticize.”

  • dani


  • Sandor

    For those who want to keep more of their earnings:

  • freedom Fighter

    Ecclesiastes 11
    New Century Version (NCV)
    Ecclesiastes 11

    Boldly Face the Future

    1 Invest what you have,
    because after a while you will get a return.
    2 Invest what you have in several different businesses,
    because you don’t know what disasters might happen.

    3 If clouds are full of rain,
    they will shower on the earth.
    A tree can fall to the north or south,
    but it will stay where it falls.
    4 Those who wait for perfect weather
    will never plant seeds;
    those who look at every cloud
    will never harvest crops.

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