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Investigator who Cleared Obama in Scandal is his Campaign Donor

by Jim Kouri, Examiner:

The financial institution executive who was in charge of the “independent probe” that ended up absolving the Obama Administration for wasting billions of taxpayers’ dollars spent on green energy schemes was neither bi-partisan or non-partisan, but a big contributor to the Obama reelection campaign, according to a report by a Washington, D.C., public-interest group that investigates corruption.

According to a report on Friday, Herbert Allison’s role as a special investigator of the Department of Energy’s stimulus-funded loan program that is sparking curiosity. Not long after Allison determined that billions in taxpayer dollars invested in Obama-favored “green” technology companies were at nominal risk, “he made campaign donations — big ones — to the Democratic National Committee and the president’s re-election efforts,” officials at the National Legal and Policy Center claim.

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1 comment to Investigator who Cleared Obama in Scandal is his Campaign Donor

  • Markus

    This does my head in, but let me see if I can get this straight:

    Obama (taxpayers, actually) pay Herbert Allison a presumably fat fee to investigate Obama’s spending on Green Technology companies.

    Herbert Allison finds the Obama government did not do anything improper in making the loans.

    Herbert Allison makes a large donation to Obama’s re-election campaign.

    So to summarise:

    1. Obama appoints Dracula to audit the blood bank
    2. Dracula gorges himself
    3. Dracula facilitates the laundering of a large sum of taxpayer’s money from the public account into Obama’s re-election fund.

    Does that work?

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