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India’s 2nd Power Grid COLLAPSE – Now 680 MILLION People Affected

from WSJ:

India suffered the world’s biggest-ever power outage Tuesday as transmission networks serving areas inhabited by 680 million collapsed, putting the nation’s ramshackle infrastructure on stark display.

The grid failure, the second massive blackout in as many days, happened around 1 p.m. local time and affected 18 states and two union territories in north and eastern India, grinding trains across large swaths of the country to a halt, forcing thousands of hospitals and factories to operate on generators, temporarily stranding hundreds of coal miners underground and causing losses to businesses estimated in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

The government said power was about 80% restored in north India by late Tuesday evening.

Access to electricity is far from universal in India, and Indians are accustomed to regular power outages in particular neighborhoods or sections of cities. Many businesses and farmers see backup diesel-run generators as an absolute necessity.

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4 comments to India’s 2nd Power Grid COLLAPSE – Now 680 MILLION People Affected

  • Hman

    Having visited India more than 8 times, they should change it’s name to “compromised” as everything in India is severely compromised including most people 99%, infrastructure, consumer products, hygiene, political system…etc. it’s amazing how the Indian elites have convened the people that they should accept their misery because GOD put them in a lower social class and after they die they will be upgraded if they did good!!!

    Upgraded to a cow:)

  • bubba

    coming soon to large (and small) American cities near you…

    at least most India (ns) are willing to work to repair the problems.

    Most Americans will just bitch about it and use more electricity.

    I used to work in several NW US cities and it amazed me at the lights kept on at night for reasons of security and stupidity.

    Security of a nation and a home or office can be handled in many less wasteful ways.

    this country is coming down…and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

  • Mr Numbertaker

    If the grid went down, and stayed down for more than just a few hours, in many major ‘western’ city today, we would get chaos. Think looting on a scale never seen before, think open gang warfare, think home invasions, think rapes and abductions, think…..well just think about it.

    We would need heavily armed and militarised Police backed up by the real military just to ‘manage’ the chaos. We would need laws authorising the Government to take ‘whatever action is felt necessary’. We would need pre-prepared detention centres for those criminals (at least those not shot on the spot as ‘looters’ or ‘rioters’) to be detained. We would need tens of thousands of cardboard and plastic coffins for all of the bodies, we would need……, wait a minute we have already got them. Do ‘they’ know something we dont? Is India the proverbial canary to see how people may react before this gets rolled out?

  • Choo Hader

    You know, I don’t think the LT price outlook for things like copper, coal, natural gas, fertilizers, food, etc is anything to worry about.

    If India has regular power outages, you know what that means, more demand than supply. I suspect prices are not free market there with govt subsidies and price controls. They need more coal, natty, copper for wiring, steel and cement for infrastructure, and oh yeah, don’t forget these 2B people are hungrier than we are, so don’t cross food off your list of things to own.

    Deflationists are moron for staring an increase in populations with high demand for “stuff”… coinciding with vertical increases in money and credit.

    Just because a lot of people are getting poorer because of poor income/lousy jobs and a cratered housing market doesn’t mean the dollars they have left are going to magically be worth more. The economy today is a lot like the 70s stagflation IMO, except this time USA is biggest debtor nation and sovereign govts the world over are FLAT BROKE and going south. There is only one outcome, and it’s good for gold.

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