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In Bed With Jon Corzine

by Eric J. Fry, Daily

Here in Nicaragua, it is difficult to complain. Almost impossible to gripe. And if you find yourself doing either one, you shouldn’t be here in the first place. This idyllic locale is kind of an organic, and highly concentrated, blood-pressure medication (perhaps blended with just a smidge of Lexapro).

But a few thousand miles to the north, where Wall Streeters cheat and politicians protect them, legitimate complaints and gripes are easy to come by. There are plenty of obscene abuses of power and miscarriages of justice. You’d have to be comatose — or in Nicaragua — to miss them.

Crony capitalism, and the injustices that flow from it, have become such a dominant force in American society that a return to “normal” feels like a low-probability bet. Epitomizing the injustices that have become all-too-normal in modern America, The New York Times reported that federal authorities are unlikely to bring any criminal charges whatsoever against any of the former executives of the bankrupt M.F. Global, despite the fact that $1.6 billion of clients’ funds remains “missing.”

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