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from The Burning Platform:

I no longer have the time, the inclination or the energy to run this blog on a daily basis.

I will no longer put my personal life out there for others to comment about. I’m done.

My preference would be to pull the plug on the blog altogether, but that wouldn’t be fair to the 14,000 members who have formed a community. I’ve already deleted the Burning Platform Facebook page and it would take me 2 minutes to do the same to this page.

I will keep the blog live so people can discuss whatever they choose. I will no longer participate in the commentary. It is now an open forum without me as the focus.

I will post any article that I find interesting with little or no comment. Others are free to post articles they find interesting.

If or when I decide to write an article it will be about an economic or political issue. It will not be about me or my family.

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2 comments to I’M DONE

  • Travis

    I’m guessing he did not have a good time in Tampa. Sad to see, hope he comes back.

    • Tim

      I don’t think it has anything to do with Tampa. Writing articles and maintaining the site–The Burning Platform–along with working full-time and raising his family has gotten to be too much for him. He also has some health issues.

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