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If I Had to Guess…

by Bill Holter,

I wrote a piece yesterday regarding the Financial Times headline that the CFTC was dropping it’s 4 year investigation into the most obvious of obvious price suppression of the Silver price. I wrote “what did you expect?” and finished with saying that Bart Chilton had some decisions to make if this headline turns out to be correct. I will revisit this part a little bit later but I want to say that my e-mail account was on fire in the afternoon.

I heard from 3 different sources that they had either spoken to or received e-mails from Bart Chilton completely denying the FT article and saying that no CFTC decision had been made. I have read reports that say Mr. Chilton says different things to different people and was only playing good cop but ultimately is not truthful. Until I see for my own eyes that Bart throws us under the bus, I will believe he is one of the good guys. Naive you say? Maybe, but…

I really believe that Bart deserves the benefit of the doubt. He and he alone was the reason Bill Murphy got to testify before the CFTC, he was the reason that Adrian Douglas (a brilliant minded human being) who was not scheduled to testify was allowed to speak from the audience AND the reason Andrew McGuire’s evidence and e-mails were read into the testimony. Bart Chilton in no way was obligated to push for any of this, he has been under no obligation to publicly say that he believed something illegal was occurring in the Silver pits. Actually, let me rephrase the “no obligation” part, he has been FULFILLING his obligations to the public while Gary Gensler has tried to put a muzzle on it and fulfill his obligations to his masters.

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