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Head In The Sand

from TF Metals Report:

In the past 24 hours, there’s been lots of talk about a “return the the gold standard”. Not surprisingly, the majority opinion comes from those who still have their heads buried deep in the sand or up their…

First, there’s this from LIESman himself. What a jackass this guy is. The 1:30 minute “presentation” not only dumbs-down the discussion (I mean, seriously, explain the wisdom and economics of sound money in 90 seconds?) but note the carnival/ice-cream-man music the deltabravoes at CNBS chose to put in the background.

And CNBS also chose to run this companion piece in text form. It’s made up almost entirely from bullshit and misinformation. I especially like how they quote as a source some clown from Royal Bank of Scotland who, later in the article, clearly (but unintentionally) lays his cards on the table as a died-in-the-wool progressive Keynesian. Here’s some advice for you, Moorad: Forget about defending the current system and instead focus upon fixing the insolvency and “glitches” in your system that caused your bank holiday/disaster last month.

On the bright side, here is at least a partially-helpful discussion of the reports from yesterday. But I despise this CNBS(E) anchor as he has an annoying habit of putting an “e” on everyone’s name. My experience with people that do this is that they are attempting to show their intellectual superiority. What a jerk. I wonder, though, if I was a guest, would he call me “Turdy”?

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