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Harvey Organ: The Moment London is Out of Silver, the COMEX Will Be Out in a Nano-Second!

from Silver Doctors:

Harvey Organ joins us again for an explosive interview discussing this week’s breakout in gold and silver, the developing ‘TREMENDOUS PHYSICAL SHORTAGE‘ in the silver market, and concerns with unallocated gold and silver accounts, which Harvey describes as nothing but paper notes and obligations.
Harvey also discussed recent reports that the LBMA is refusing to deliver silver outside of the LBMA system: They won’t deliver it outside of the system because there is no silver! That’s a real crisis!

The moment London is out of metal, the COMEX will be out in a nano-second!

Harvey also discusses Romney’s threat to fire Bernanke and what it means to Fed monetary policy prior to the elections, the Republican party’s announcement of the development of a gold commission‘ with the goal of returning the US to a gold standard will be official Republican policy and MUCH MORE.

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11 comments to Harvey Organ: The Moment London is Out of Silver, the COMEX Will Be Out in a Nano-Second!

  • Pete

    Awesone interview. Thanks

  • HS

    just ordered 200 phyzz of silver today….it is still cheapo !!!!

  • stuart

    The raid harvey mentioned in this article did indeed happen at just about 4.30pm uk time. Took gold from £4 up on the day to just below flat on the day and it bounced right back up again. Silver hit too, but has also bounced right back.

  • mankind

    it seems like it’s accumulating so badly to —————fall all at once.

  • Troy

    Silver should go to over $50 this year.

  • Lowell

    Yeah, vote republican! Remember Ronnie Regan? Yeah, more deregulation! Remember Ronnie Regan? Flat tax, gold commission, deregulation….blah blah f-ing blah.

    How about Ross Perot? LaRouche? Ron Paul?

    How many times do “we” have to go into this? Mittney says he will appoint a “gold commission. Yeah, how long will that take? Who is that dude over at the CFTC / surfer dude checking into the silver manipulation?

    Deblicans or the the Republicrates.

    Do what you have to do, but don’t cry about it later.

    Different wing of the same bird.

  • Troy

    A co-worker today told me his wife’s relative that lives in Russia told her to buy silver ingots…that what he called them… because the price will rise to “incredible” prices in the future. She asked about gold, he told her that she should buy silver…”just buy silver”. As a silver stacker, I thought that was a neat story to hear today. My co-worker told me this story because he knew I invested in silver. The co-workers brother is a silver stacker also. The Chinese are buying silver, but they are doing the buying in small amount as not to let the cat out of the bag. The Chinese want the silver price to remain low for as long as possible. I’m telling you guys, get as much silver as possible while you can. It seems the world is wanting silver, and there is not much above ground available.

  • AJW

    The Comex is the paper tail that wags the physical Dog (LBMA).

    It is in the LBMAs best interest to keep the Comex supplied with enough metal to keep rigging the price, otherwise the illusion will fail.

    I think Harvey is correct, the LBMA and Comex will fail around the same time.

  • Tony

    Even the Rothschild’s seemingly bottomless well will eventually dry up.

  • AJW

    Exactly! If they have to use real money (Gold and Silver) to bribe their minions and live like kings, then they will eventually become depleted.

    Allowing them to print money, or pay their minions with other peoples money gives them alot more power. I think that our founding fathers realized this.

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