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Harassed for Filming in Public: The Confrontation of Henry Paulson

[Ed. Note: When will these ignorant ‘peace officers’ figure out that they are protecting the worst people on the planet (the Banksters) while harming the only people who are fighting for truth and justice? Sadly, the answer is, probably never.]

from WeAreChange:

Before confronting Henry Paulson, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gets harassed & intimidated by NYPD Officers for filming, then has an exchange with a secret service member during & after the confrontation.

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3 comments to Harassed for Filming in Public: The Confrontation of Henry Paulson

  • Redoak

    Love it when cops say “don’t give me an attitude” when they are the ones raising their voice and pointing fingers in your face. Great Job Luke for standing up for your rights and ours, thanks.

  • Mr Numbertaker

    Despite this, and the raft of other videos showing such ‘friendly’ cops, the guy on the street still thinks the cops will protect him when the SHTF. LOL.

    Also, I cant see that finger pointing piece of work being economical with his night-stick / taser / gun in a real situation either. He was spoiling for an excuse even when he knew he was being filmed. I’d be interested in seeing that ‘tough guys’ service record.

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