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Government Hypes White Supremacist “Racial Holy War” in Effort to Demonize Veterans

by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars:

Despite a lack of evidence, the establishment media claims white supremacists, skinheads and neo-Nazis are joining to U.S. military and preparing for a “racial holy war.”

Reuters reports that racist groups are actively encouraging members to enlist and receive military training to overthrow the “Zionist Occupation Government,” a term invented by the Order, a racist organization created by the National Alliance, a group controlled by the FBI.

The latest effort by the Pentagon to ferret out violent racists follows the shooting of Sikh worshippers in Wisconsin, allegedly by Wade Michael Page, who served in the psychological operations unit at Fort Bragg.

The Southern Poverty Law Center characterized Page as a white supremacist who fronted a “hate rock band.” The SPLC also connected the former soldier to the National Alliance. The leader of that group, former Green Beret David Kellerman, admitted he worked for the FBI.

The effort by the Pentagon – enthusiastically praised and encouraged by the SPLC and the ADL – follows a script produced in 2009 by the Department of Homeland Security that characterizes military veterans as a domestic terror threat.

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