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GOLD & SILVER to go THRU the ROOF – Bill Murphy, Bix Weir, & Andy Hoffman

from Unconventional Finance:

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1 comment to GOLD & SILVER to go THRU the ROOF – Bill Murphy, Bix Weir, & Andy Hoffman

  • frank

    Hey Bix

    Ive asked this before, ill ask it again. Please answer me in a logicall simple to understand response, so i can put it rest.

    If Im living in my mansions, (with an outstanding mortgages of millions), driving multiple cars (all leased)and renovating my cottage in the Hamptons, but drowning in debt and the electronic system goes poof. Do I get to live and keep my mansion, my cars, my cottage, even though they are not fully paid off? Did i basically get it for free? (almost) Did all my debt, bank, credit etc just go poof? Did my personal debt diappear? Will my great grandmother no longer be able to collect the 200k she loaned me?

    What about the guys that were saving their money, living modestly in a small apartment, taking the bus, and investing in (anything), trying to get ahead honestly? Are they screwed? Cause if this is the plan the “good guys” have, it kinda sucks for the average honest person.

    I don’t believe the blimps on the screen will vanish. I dont beleive that guys in debt will get ahead and the honest ones are gonna get the shaft. Nothing will disappear. Maybe, due to inflation, some will be able to pay off their debts easier, and the savers will get screwed, but that is different than saying things will simply disappear and we all start from zero. How are companies going to start over? Will their creditors get screwed? Are Microsoft share holders, going to keep their shares? If not, then what happens to Microsoft?

    Does the government simply take over everything…aka communism? Please explain, I look forward to your answer, maybe we can start a discussion.fpt2

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