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Globalists Combine Geoengineering and Family Planning to Ensure Population Reduction

by Susanne Posel, Occupy Corporatism:

The US Geological Survey has been analyzing rising sea levels from North Carolina to Boston and expect there to be a doubling of current levels. By 2050, the sea levels are assumed to be higher than 1.5 feet, according to Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control in Delaware. Several federal and state-sponsored scientific agencies agree. Computer models say a 3 foot rise would flood waterside communities along the Eastern seaboard.

Alarmists claim we are just a few years away from a “tipping point” where current weather patterns will become drastically different – as evidenced by comparison of the changes in the last few decades. The US Department of Energy published a report that shows CO2 emissions in the US have dropped; yet not enough to stave off the devastation of the tipping point.

Rich Collins, member of Delaware’s Sea-Level Rise Advisory Committee , explains: “I have real concerns, because there are many environmental programs that I believe are designed to drive people away from the water.”

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1 comment to Globalists Combine Geoengineering and Family Planning to Ensure Population Reduction

  • Troy

    You know what has already worked? High health insurance. I work at a factory, and about half of the 20 somethings say they don’t want kids because they can’t afford them. The higher the health insurance, the lower number of kids people want.

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