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GERALD CELENTE: VP Paul Ryan? A Political Suicide Mission! PLUS: The World’s Biggest BANK ROBBERY Continues Unabated

by SGT:

The one and only Gerald Celente from the Trends Journal joins me for an in-depth discussion about the GOP suicide mission. A Paul Ryan VP nomination is an insult to anyone paying attention, Ryan is no conservative much less a Libertarian. To be specific he’s an establishment shill who has voted for bigger military budgets and bigger domestic tyranny. Does the GOP want to hand Obama a second term? Sure looks like it. Also, we discuss the fact that the world’s biggest bank robbery continues unabated. Criminals, criminals everywhere – and plenty of jail cells, for you.

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34 comments to GERALD CELENTE: VP Paul Ryan? A Political Suicide Mission! PLUS: The World’s Biggest BANK ROBBERY Continues Unabated

  • Steve_D

    Celente & SGT, my two favourite truth tellers in one place.

    Great job Sean.

  • Mr Numbertaker

    Excellent interview.

    Mr Celente is always worth listening to. I did get the impression he thought that some dark days are ahead, especially so for those with their noses still buried in their iCrap.

    Interesting analogy to ‘walking dead’ and zombies too. The 1978 movie ‘Dawn of the Dead’ was set in a shopping mall for a reason……..

  • Daniel


    I have been avoiding Celente interviews for about a year now, he almost always repeats the same one liners with no real information offered. With that said, because I love your interviews I took the time to listen to Mr. Celente and absolutely loved it. Great interview, questions, and informative analysis with his answers.

    Sending this out to my data base.


    Dan (aka-VisionVictory)

    • SGT

      Thanks for that feedback and for sharing Daniel – to be fair though, out of all the people I’ve ever interviewed, Gerald Celente ranks among the kindest. And what I really respect about him is that when it comes to the world’s biggest criminals, he’s willing to name names. I’d like to take credit for being a “great” interviewer, but the truth is, he’s an incredibly gracious guest.

  • Lowell

    Thanks STG for getting this interview. I appreciate and respect Gerald. I wish he had been my Uncle growing up. However, the days of reading 5-10 newspapers a day are over.

    The general overview of this election is a beta test. Drawing folks out to vote. I won’t go into the details, as most of you know. A BETA TEST.

    I agree with Gerald.

    The thing about the Rothchild division. No division, it is a passing of the baton to a 200 year old plan. Add a zero if you wish. Old guard to the new. If by now you do not understand the Lucierifian connection you haven’t lost the concept completely, you just need more explaination of what this is and why it is happening. I won’t go into it. I requires boring folks with the physical evidence of what has been going on since the signing of the Constituion.

    This different wing of the same bird thing, requires study and in my case some age and wisdom.

    Oh, and by the way Gerald….I remember when the Wall Street Journal was. (Paul Craig Roberts). I would treat myself from time to time with it. Free Press? Please

    Thank you STG

    • Glitter1

      Like the whore of Babylon standing tall in New York Harbor and the Great Seal on our Dollar Bill, the Winged Serpent with his six pointed star of Remphan(Moloch aka Lucifer)over his head.

  • Tom G.

    I totally agree with Daniel who posted above. I started skipping over most of Celente’s interviews because he says the same things over and over and then he starts ranting and then I get turned off. Sean is about the only interviewer out there who can keep Celente on track. And yes, this was by far the most informative interview from Celente that I had heard in a while. The fact that Celente disagreed with Sean was refreshing because in our camp it seems almost anathema to disagree with a person who has invited you on as a guest. Conjecture is what helps lead to knowledge. I do happen to agree with Celente that TPTB could probably lock down anything they want. I am out there in the real world and the gadgets have absolutely mesmerized this culture. People will not care about anything, including food, but you take their gadgets away and then they will wake up. Given a choice between eating or losing their gadget I think most of the sheeple out there would opt for going hungry. I kid you not.

  • Frank Zak

    Celente is the best. His help with M F Global
    was invaluable.

  • Frank Zak


    Where do the missing people we see on milk cartons go ?
    Why are tens of thousands of people gone missing every year ?

    There are over 1 milion Santeria in the USA and 100 million
    on the earth. The religion came from the African slave trade
    into the new world. This Luciferian Cult often is masked by
    Catholic Saints, who actually represent African god men and women.
    They hid their beliefs from the Spanish.

    The Palo Mayombe are closely associated with the Santeria.

    They perform rituals which imbibe the spirits of the dead and
    of demons. Their rituals are successful. The high priest kills
    animals and people and they eat parts of their bodies raw.

    The Palo Mayombe are the most secret cult on the earth and the
    deadliest. They are here in America and even in the big cities
    of Los Angeles. I go to an old graveyard where they practice
    their terrible rituals. Start the below video below 8 minutes
    in and watch it to the end.
    But, first watch the above video.

  • GoodOleBoy

    I like Celente. His message does get a little repetitive and Sean did a good job navigating the subject matter.

    I get Gerald’s points about the integrity of the people but I too would argue that the people are moving in a better direction. That is why Ron Paul and similar people in the alternative media have the following that they do. I am sure Celente’s Trends Journal has seen a major increase in subscribers lately, as Sean pointed out. Between Occupy, the real Tea Party, and everyone in between, people are hungry for a real leader. It has always been oppression that has brought us leaders like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and others like them. Similar situations have also brought us people like Hitler. We have to inform people about our present situation so that we can steer our country in the right direction. And judging by the decline of the MSM more and more people are seeing the light everyday.

    I also agree that a complete lock down of the country would be a task almost impossible. They are rushing to get the system in place in order to complete such a task but in an all out breakdown, many of the “enforcers” will be concerned with the safety of their own families and well being rather than protecting the oligarchs. You also have those that will refuse to act as a matter of principle. There will be those who enjoy a position of power and will try enforce the oligarchs will on the people. I hope and believe that there is enough fight in the people of this country to stand up to the tyrannical state but we need a general to take us into that fight.

  • john

    Great interview SGT.I’m from the UK and log onto your site every single day,great information and great insight.Gerald Celente is one of the smartest guys,he has great passion,it’s just a pity that far more of your countrymen don’t and seem oblivious to what’s happening around them.Keep up the good work.

  • prestodo

    Fantastic interview SGT. I really like the part when you cite one of your last articles about all the different frauds that have come to light over the past 5 years. It really puts perspective on our situation and fight.

  • ivan

    It has been a while that GC has been on this site. Thanks SGT for bring back Gerald. Can’t wait to hear who is next.

  • steelerdude

    Well, everyone took my comments….LOL A calmed down, in control Celente is so much better than one that is flying off the handle….good job Sean on keeping on Track…!

  • PitBull Pappa

    I’ve been visiting the site and reading articles every day, but I haven’t posted in weeks/months. However, this interview brings out the desire to commend you Sean for another great interview. I respect your humble attitude about not being a great interviewer, but speaking for myself, I think you do a fantastic job!! Like others who have posted above, Celente was getting a bit too outrageous for me to tolerate, but his calm demeanor in this interview was refreshing.

    My view on technology is that I respect and enjoy the privilege of it, but I’m not addicted to it. I remember life before cell phones and home computers. Unfortunately for kids born today, they know nothing but cell phones and pc’s/ipads. It amazes me at how many people my age (early fourties) are just as addicted to cell phones/pc’s/ipads/video games & “reality” television as teen/tweenagers. I’m trying not to lose hope for humanity, but being in the medical field for almost 20 years and dealing with societies dependent ignorance on a daily basis… it’s very challenging. From my experience, intellect is becoming an extremely rare commodity (for lack of a better word) these days. I want to agree that more & more people are waking up, but I tend to notice more & more people in denial.

    I support your efforts and thank you for all that you do. There are just too many people so dependent on the system to want to make a change. This is what the PTB know and want. I’ve said it before on here & I’ll say it again… the system is too corrupt to fix… it must collapse before any real change can ever begin to take affect. I know that means many good people will suffer and die, but it won’t be the first mass extinction nor the last that has occured in history.

    Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


    • Mr Numbertaker

      PittBull Pappa,

      You wrote: “From my experience, intellect is becoming an extremely rare commodity (for lack of a better word) these days”.
      I could not agree more with that statement.

      What also worries me is the lack of even basic reasoning skills. I have had countless discussions / altercations with people who simply can not understand that their behavior is neither acceptable nor sustainable. I have now given up trying to educate people as to what is and what is considered acceptable behavior, and what is not, as I am aware that intervention is a dangerous game of averages – eventually one of these ‘zombies’ will pull a weapon. I have no desire to get into a fight over que jumping, cursing in front of children, petty damage, and anti-social behavior.

      When the SHTF, as it surely will eventually, chaos will reign for a time. The selfish, ignorant, intellectually challenged, and spoiled zombies – who have likely never experienced life without electricity, life without cheap and abundant food (available 24/7) – and certainly not life without instant gratification, will roam the streets feeding off each other, taking what they feel they are ‘entitled to’, and in the process destroying decades of hard earned infrastructure.

    • SGT

      why thank you PBP, and everyone – I really do appreciate you guys. The one additional thing I’d say about Gerald, is he’s so generous with his time and says ‘yes’ to doing so many interviews (and that’s difficult to do without repeating yourself a lot), that sometimes he uses his funny limericks and verbal hooks to make his points in an amusing way – if you listen to him a lot, you hear them repeated. But he really is a brilliant guy and a very, very nice man – A real gentleman.

  • rich

    ‘Economic suicides’ shake Europe as financial crisis takes toll on mental health

    So many people have been killing themselves and leaving behind notes citing financial hardship that European media outlets have a special name for them: “economic suicides.” Surveys are also showing increasing signs of mental stress: a jump in the use of antidepressants and illicit drugs, a rise in depression and anxiety among workers worried about salary cuts or being laid off, and an increase in the use of sick leave due to psychological problems.

    “People are more and more uncertain about their future, which is leading to a sharp rise in mental health problems,” said Maria Nyman, director of Brussels-based Mental Health Europe, a multinational coalition of mental health organizations and educational institutions.

    In recent years, researchers in the United States and elsewhere have repeatedly identified a correlation between suicides and unemployment or other economic distress. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported last year that suicides increased during periods of economic stress, including the Great Depression, the oil crisis of the 1970s and the double-dip recession of the 1980s. Other studies have estimated that people with employment difficulties are two to three times as likely to commit suicide than the population as whole.

    The Greek Health Ministry reported that suicides jumped 40 percent in the first half of 2011 compared with the same period in 2010. In a single year, the rate increased from 2.8 suicides for every 100,000 people to at least five per 100,000. The country’s national depression and suicide hotline registered a 40 percent increase in calls from 2010 to 2011 and reported that the majority of people seeking help had problems including the loss of a job or an inability to cover living costs.

    • FiveThousand

      “The Greek Health Ministry reported that suicides jumped 40 percent in the first half of 2011 compared with the same period in 2010”

      I hate to ponder what the 2012 figures will show – much, much, worse. The country is in a death spiral.

  • curt

    i got a question, if gerald, alex, sgt, and all these truth tellers are so wrried things are going to hell, why havent they already left the country? they can still do most if not all the same reporting from canada or australia or whereever is going to be safer. theres no need for ego and trying to be a hero by staying there when you can continue to broadcast from afarand be less at risk of being detained, harassed or killed

    • FiveThousand

      Gerald talked directly to your query about 6 months ago.

      He stated that he is staying to fight the honourable fight, and that he is not afraid.

    • SGT

      Hey curt, Here’s the deal: I have a family, a home, a career (day job) and a life here. I was born here when things were far BETTER than they are now. Where am I going to go? What other country has a better Constitution and less tyranny? (the tyranny is every where now, including the Queen’s Canada and Australia). I’ll stay in the U.S. and speak out as long as we have the pretense of a first and second amendment. I owe it to my children, we all do.

  • frank

    OFF WIH THEIR HEADS!!! I agree…kill any banker that is infected with the Corzine virus!

    On a side note, I had a talk with a friend I havent seen in a long time. Im not comfortable sharing this, but I figure what the hell.

    We got on the topic of gold and the coming collapse. I won’t go into details but he works for the Canadian Government, and is privy to a lot of info. This is the only thing I know for sure.

    Please take the following with a grain of salt, im not sure if the guy was just amusing me or being honest. He is what I consider a “good guy” so I sort of have mixed feeling about what he told me.

    He basically told me what everyone here has been repeating for a long time. I’ll give to you in point form.

    1. All governments know we are going to a gold standard. Fiat currency is dead. Everyone is getting ready behind the scene. No surprise there.

    2. There will be a massive realignent economically, but institutions like gov, banks etc will still exist. No road warrior scenario, unless ww3 happens. Which he said is up the the USA and Isreal, because Isreal is scared shitless that Iran will nuke them. And there will defiantly be a war in that region. How big it gets and how far it goes is anyones guess.

    3. During this massive realignment, the shit will hit the fan, (world wide) because all things socialist will go bye bye. No more welfare, unemployment, etc This is going to screw things up for a lot of people. He went into detail about how cutting unemployment causes a chain reaction with other services and affects other peoples jobs etc.

    4.They are expecting riots in certain cities…certain demographic areas are going to go ape shit…he reassured me the tea party type folks are not the targets regardless of what you hear or see…that kind of freaked me out a little….He said riots will happen because of either economic collapse and/or war. He mentioned two demographics specifically. Tea party conservatives were not mentioned. He made sure i got that…I dont know why

    5. Martial law will be declared in certain parts of the usa, and other countries, including canadian cities. Europe is screwed. He said something along the lines of the usa will have europe by the balls. I didnt understand this. I asked him to explain it a few times. From what i understand, europe owes truck loads of money to the usa, and even after the reset, certain countries will be under the usa thumbs? He said something about the usa seizing their gold and maybe someland and other assests, as payment , because giving them money contrributed to the dollar collapse…Im not sure how to explain it.

    6.everything that is happening is because they are trying to “reset the system, flush the derivative and other toxic crap but there is no way of doing it without it being painful to some extent.

    He told me a lot of stuff..but most of it wouldn’t be new to anyone that has been visiting sites like sgts’

    Basically he said don’t rely on the government to help you. Be able to survive on your own for at least a month, longer is preferable. Have food, fuel etc for yourself and family. Money will be devalued, and revalued once some type of gold standard is established.

    There is more but i dont like sounding like a “drake” so i’ll stop. Like I said, nothing new to most of us, and I’m not sure if he was playing me for a fool or being honest. I havent seen him in a very long time.

  • Keith

    Talking of Paul Ryan, did anyone hear Alex Jones appear to give him some kind of an endorsement last night? Freaked me out a bit.

  • Kyle

    Great interview Sean as usual! Keep up the great work! Here is an interview I did with Dr. Warren and he also referenced Celente recently.



  • AgShaman

    nice nice nice…..time well spent

  • karate kid

    you people are funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

    celente gets all upset and loud

    you are the dum fooks hes talking about
    the problom is his point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thats why he buys gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    why does he get loud why does he repeat himself why does he becomes outragesss

    i look at many people like thier in auschwitz
    your telling them thier going to the gas chambers and the fools are in such shock they are deluded by thier own brains …zombies

    he buys gold because
    thiers a major collapse coming and many will lose it
    you havnt even seen nothing yet this is still the childs day
    soon reality will come and many of you will say now i understand celente
    and many will still be to stupid suck pumps as they lose everything have fun on the bridge

    the dollar will collapse
    fact not fiction
    i think celentes brave a hero
    why eles would he waste his time on dummies
    a modern day socrates
    and like the death of socrates a new day is comin that many of you
    wont be hear for because you think like dummies

    i love talking to the sheep
    why are you so passionet about your thoughts
    because i see you gonig into the gas chamber and you are like the sheep so happy in your slaughter
    i laugh at people go take your drugs zombies

    and leave celente to the rest of us who understand his passion
    i listen to him every chance i get

    why doesnt celente leave if its so bad
    why dont you leave you mindless sheep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this country was born on free!!!!!!!!!! thinkers\not the mindless sheep
    thats right you serve your masters well
    at least your here your awake
    not like the rest of the deaf dum and blind sheepo

    i expect the military to have a coup like they did in 2001-2007 and threaten congress

    thanks gerald celente and sgt report
    voices of reason in the dark abyss

  • MATT

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  • BladeMcCool

    Dont use mintchip its linked to your identity and can be used to implicate you in things. Use that other electronic value transfer system if you must. The one that isnt linked to your identity. The one started by an open source software project that has now evolved into an entire ecosystem of commerce, beyond the reach of the state or any country’s ability to tax. You know the one I’m talking about.

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