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Financial Crime is Now a Business Model, and Hyperinflation is a 100% Certainty: Ron Hera

Ron Hera of Hera joins me for an in-depth conversation about what he calls ‘the computer generated dream world’ in which we live, where financial CRIME has become a business model. The TBTF road is paved with currency debasement and the mathematical certainty of HYPERINFLATION in the United States sometime between 2016 – 2020. These are not facts for the timid – the road we are on will spell financial doom for the average American. The question is, how poor will Americans have to become before we find the collective political will to bring an end to this epic criminality?

Part 1:
FRAUD & THEFT: Financial Crime is Now a Business Model
Part 2:
HYPERINFLATION is a 100% Certainty Between 2016 – 2020
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20 comments to Financial Crime is Now a Business Model, and Hyperinflation is a 100% Certainty: Ron Hera

  • ant

    Great interview Sean, has anyone checked the indices on Kitco? Man Im not sure whats goin on. Can someone with experience take a look and see if its just a hick up. Its saying the NASDAQ is 287.63 -157.43%, the S&P is 180.41 -102.33%. and so on, I havent changed my settings either.

  • ant

    The Silver bomb report?? amazing

  • Sparx Eightthreetwo

    @Sean – Just checked out… epic.

    Thanks for all of your effort to restore our once great country. You are truly an amazing person, a real patriot, and an inspiration for us all.

    Thanks again!!!


    • SGT

      Thanks Sparx, I’m just a regular Joe trying to rage against this shitty, unjust machine. And my buddy helped come up with the format for The Liberty Mill. My hope is that is can be a secondary source for everyone – lots of stories I can’t possibly link to em all.

  • Ed_B

    Oh,man, what a great article! Mega kudos to SGT for this great interview! Just when I think that you can’t top your previous highs, you seem to do just that. Very well done, indeed!

    About this 40% loss of wealth… My thought is that nobody is selling a house right now unless they have to. Because of this, their loss of wealth is all on paper and has not been realized. Because it has not been realized, it is not real to them. In my own case, yes, my house is worth less today than it was in mid-2007 but I have enough equity in the house that it is still quite a bit “above water”. Because of this and the fact that any replacement house I would buy also costs less today than it did a few years ago, there really has not been a significant loss of money in my housing investment. If others feel as I do, then there is no financial reason for us to get all that excited about the current situation. Are we happy about it? No, of course not, but we are also not hysterical with anger over it and that is what is needed to foment real revolution.

    I believe that both Ron and John Williams are very intelligent guys but that they are being a bit optimistic when they say that hyperinflation is a certainty sometime in the 2016-2020. After considerable study in this area, my thought is that there will be a tremendous blow-up in this insane derivatives market that cannot be papered over and that will completely collapse the banking system. This, in turn, will collapse the dollar because the Fed will try to save the banking system but will discover that it is too big to bail. This will then cause the collapse of the dollar and that will bring on hyperinflation. Knight Capital Group’s recent computer screw-up is yet another crack in the dam that is holding back this flood of imploding derivatives. A few more like this and the whole structure will collapse with the US Treasury and the Fed unable to stop it. My very best guess is that this will occur sometime in 2014 or 2015 at the latest, so there very well may not be a 2016-20 hyperinflation time frame as some suggest.

    I agree 100% that gold and silver are alternative currencies, as they have been money for more than 4,000 years, the current fiat currency experiment notwithstanding. All fiat currencies eventually get printed to extinction and pass into irrelevance. Care to buy some Zimbabwe dollars? For about $10 or so, you can become a quadrillionaire! Anyway, we all know this and we also know that the US dollar, while apparently strong at the moment, is not immune to this. It will happen. Our only real questions are, “Will it happen in our lifetime?” and “What are we doing to prepare for and survive such an economically horrendous event?”. As with many others on this web site, I am converting sham paper wealth into REAL wealth via physical silver and soon some gold as well. As long as some people have faith in fiat, we can and should use that to our advantage and convert the bulk of our fiat into REAL things, such as productive land and businesses, tools, meds, food, water & water purification equipment, and gold and silver coins, rounds, and bars.

  • Scott Wolf

    I’ve always loved Ron Hera.His free article-“How the United States will become a third world country” is filled with alarming facts and trends about our nation.I suggest everyone check it out on his website.

  • James

    Just went over to … incredible site! Will make it my daily reader from now on!

  • Al

    I’ll listen to the interview in a minute. Max keiser is linking to tomorrow’s front page of the FT’s. It states the us is dropping it’s silver investigation because of lack of evidence.

  • None12

    There is a way to avoid hyperinflation, and that is to revalue gold. It’s a toss-up what they will do, but my bets are that they continue to wield power over us, even if it is with gold….

  • Todd

    The booming noise in the videos is incredible annoying. It runs for nearly 2 minute at the start and end. It should be no more than 30 seconds.

  • Tim

    I think John Williams’ prediction of hyperinflation by 2014 is more realistic.

  • Freedom fighter

    hre the rapper that sticks it to obama about being in bed with the Bnakers

  • Hman

    Great interview and a superb new site. I called you the knight of liberty, now please allow me to salute you.

  • cory

    i absolutely love this guy! great interview!

    and btw shawn (or shaun? sp? sorry) i was just at liberty mill! Awesome!!!!!!

    all of my favorite sites on one site! you are the shit sir! i come to this site every day as it contains all of the headlines from my favorite sites but you just made it alot easier.

    for this you are surely in the top 100 of obama’s kill list now buddy!

    thank you so much!

    keep stacking

    Cory Johnson

  • Jeff

    Great interview Sean. I get confused though with multiple websites and maybe busy people want to know, what’s the main difference between sgtreport and the liberty mill? Thanks for your hard work.

    • SGT

      Hey Jeff, the biggest difference is that The Liberty Mill automatically posts links to every single news item posted by our favorite sites throughout the day. Whereas at SGTreport, me and two trusted contributors post what we believe are the most important, relevant stories of the day. For instance, on The Liberty Mill you’ll get a hyper link to EVERY story Zero Hedge has posted during the day, on SGTreport you get several that we felt were the most critical to share. But I should add, on SGTreport you’ll also get postings from other alternative media sites that did not make The Liberty Mill page. Confused? I hope not. Our intention is merely to offer another source for REAL news.

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