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False Flag Computer BANKING VIRUS to Roll Out Martial Law? This Global Cabal Wants to STEAL EVERYTHING and Kill 90% of Us – Susanne Posel

Writer Susanne Posel of joins me for an in-depth conversation about the government’s plans for martial law in the United States. Susanne shares her insights about the preparatory measures the DHS and military are taking, and why: “They know the collapse is coming,” says Susanne. “So they are preparing for it.” Susanne also shares shocking information about a computer banking virus that may be used as the excuse to shut down banks internationally. “If you hear about this in the news, you have 72 hours to do whatever you plan to do before the collapse.”

In Part 2, Susanne concludes that the plans for the global elite include nothing less than the theft of every asset you own, and the global extermination of at least 90% of the population. A satanic group of psychopaths is in control, and we must defeat them before they defeat humanity. This is a 2-part MUST HEAR interview with one of the best new media writers and researchers on the scene today.

Part 1:
False Flag Computer BANKING VIRUS to Roll Out Martial Law?
Part 2:
This Global Cabal Wants to STEAL EVERYTHING and Kill 90% of Us
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72 comments to False Flag Computer BANKING VIRUS to Roll Out Martial Law? This Global Cabal Wants to STEAL EVERYTHING and Kill 90% of Us – Susanne Posel

  • Mai

    Sean, please check this out!

  • Jim

    After listening to this and other websites about plans to kill off everyone and take all our money, WTH do you think these people will have if every company shuts down and every person is in poverty? SO were looking at a Mad Max world, PLEASE! I agree with preserving wealth and preparing for some rough times ahead, but I don’t buy the doom and gloom.

    • SGT

      I hear ya Jim, the good news is that no one is asking you to “buy” anything. We’re reporting about what your criminal government is up to, and the potential rationale as to why they are up to it. The fact that the many among the world’s elite “worship” dark forces and are hell bent on destroying all that is good, is quantifiable. What you choose to believe about that piece of the information is purely up to you.


      • Jim

        Thanks Sean. Everyday I visit SGT, IW and others to educate and stay informed. I see alot of what you and others are talking about. I have seen the Katrina gun taking squad and believe if BO gets four more imigration is legal and the 2nd ammendment is gone. But a Mad Max senario… I don’t know.

        The only way people will survive if we and more importantly, the military stand by the constitution. Would love a crystal ball.

      • Brian

        Sean,when are you going to have a chat with Eric Jon Phelps? Seems like you want to interview all these people who say the same things over and over..seems like your avoiding a great opportunity to hear another side of this thing from the higher levels..

        • SGT

          Hey Brian, I’m not really interested in interviewing someone who has gone to particular lengths to bash Alex Jones. Or is my gut on that incorrect? As for the rest of the interviews I do which range broadly in scope from Liberty VS. tyranny to precious metals, monetary policy and finance – to listen or not listen is an easy choice left to each individual.

          • Brian

            Have you ever bothered TRYING to talk or reach out to Eric Jon Phelps???? No,you havn’t…are you afraid you might hear something you may not like? Maybe then hear another view or side of the New World Order or that perhaps its the Vatican that you need to pay attention to?

            Eric knows all about the monetary theft and Fraud going on in the banking system.He will gladly discuss it with you,but he is going to name names.

            Why don’t you ask Eric about Alex Jones,unless you want to stay in one spot and never get the TRUTH,and then just eat the scraps that Alex Jones feeds you and his listeners….

            All I ask is give him a chance like you give EVERYONE else! to me, That shows that you are not one-sided and truely a truth seeker and a patriot.


          • Brian

            Oh by the way! the girl you interviewed stated that the voting polls are rigged and that your vote does not count..and SHE IS RIGHT! Have you gotten a clue yet about Ron Paul that he can’t win?

            Presidents are selected,not elected,No matter how much you WANT or THINK you have the right guy!

            • frank


              Though I do not always agree with sean or others on these boards, I think you are missing something here.

              SGT (Sean) isn’t afraid of the truth or hearing another side to a story. If you ve been on this site long enough you would know that. You are right that getting all sides to a story is wise, but sometimes, its a waste of time. If a certain individual spends time constantly bashing another, whats the point in listening to him? Its one thing to disagree, anotheer to have strong opinions, and yet another to attack someone over and over again for no apparent reason.

              Just my two cents.

              • Brian

                I have been following SGT for quite a while (easily over two years through his youtube page).SGT makes great video’s and puts out truthful information(no question),but he is doing exactly what Alex Jones does,and refuses to push the issues past the same rhetoric of the Rothchild’s/Bilderberger’s and will NEVER discuss the Vatican Papacy…ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME!

                SGT seems to be stuck on the same controlled opposition players and he doesn’t want to hear another view when offered or that he has the opportunity to interview Eric Phelps.But he won’t because he may say something that he may not like or say something bad about his precious Alex Jones,who is controlled opposition.Alot of people are waking up to that aswell.(oh alex jones has a bunch of DVD’s,T-shirts and alot of other products to sell you while he talks on Genesis Radio network who is owned by ABC corporation) FOX is also the talking piece for the New World Order,while Jones amazingly gets on there (The View etc).

                Jones aside,I am not bashing Sean (SGT),my problem I have is He does like what most other interviewer’s do and avoid controversial topic’s such as the Vatican,then given the opportunity to discuss it,he refuses.So the establishment does not fear SGT’S information much at all.

                • Scott Sando

                  I’ve seen information to do with the Vatican here.

                • SGT

                  For the record, I have spoken about the dark powers within the Vatican previously, with Bob Chapman and others. My issue is this: If someone wants to name names, fine name them. But stick to the real enemies of humanity; Kissinger, Cheney, Bush Sr, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Queen Beatrix, Prince Phillip, whoever. Even the current Pope himself. But the minute anyone wants to focus on Alex Jones as being the enemy, have at it – but you can count me out. Like him or not, through his documentaries and interviews with countless experts and whistle blowers, Alex Jones has helped to contribute to my education on a variety of matters in very significant ways. I’m not going to be party to tearing him down.

                • SGT

                  By the way, it is the height of ignorance to repeat the blatantly false assertion that Genesis Radio is owned in any way by the ABC network and/or the Disney Corporation. Leasing satellite space over which to broadcast does not constitute ownership or control over Genesis content. This absurd claim has been debunked countless times by Alex Jones himself on his radio show.

                • Scott Sando

                  Well said Sean! If you dislike Alex Jones you might as well say you hate the American dream.

                • Valverities

                  Only reason he got on the View was because of Charlie Sheen’s antics. AJ then used the opportunity to discuss real subjects.

                • Tony

                  The Vatican was infiltrated by The Rothschilds through the ignatius loyola a crypto-jew founding the jesuits. The Rothschild’s manage vatican holdings as they do with all other nations.
                  They are powerful but not the top of the pyramid. Nice try to dis-inform though.

          • Brian

            Eric Phelps doesn’t bash Alex Jones…but see,if you ACTUALLY talked with Eric and gave him a FAIR chance,then maybe you’d know this.(But it is ovious you won’t,because you are afraid).Try listening to Eric on youtube.He has a TON of great information

            and I am speaking from my own conclusion about Alex Jones,from being a listener for years,and how Jones likes to play with the listeners.I always sensed there was something up with him and there is PLENTY of evidence thats Jones is controlled opposition…they control both media’s Sean and allow out what they want you to hear,you just don’t want to see that and that’s your problem…

   did a great expose on Alex Jones,but lets not defame your hero right?

  • uncviper23

    Sean, when God judges you sir I believe you will go down in history as having made a difference in many lives.

    You may not ever see it in this world as a monetary reward but the eternal. You are a “watchman on the wall”.

    God bless you pal.

    • SGT

      God Bless & thanks uncviper, we truly are all in this mess together. I loved it when Susanne said “It my duty as a citizen.” She’s got courage & principles, if everyone did we’d never have allowed America to fall this far. That said, many have been marching in the streets and speaking out, asking the gov’t for a redress of grievances, and we get NO redress. It’s sure starting to feel like time is running out.

  • Scott Sando

    The reason why they put their plans and satanic imagery in in films, TV shows and music is so they get our consent by acquiescence, a willing sacrifice is much better than a none willing one.
    Plus its the way the natural law of creation works. If I notify you of moving the boundary of my property onto your property and you do nothing about it and ignore my notice, then I can claim consent by acquiescence and move my boundary.
    So what the elites are doing by TELLING us they are going to kill us is notifying us, If we say nothing we consent by acquiescence which stops the law of karma (the natural Law) from acting upon them, we was told and we consented.

    Everything is done to us by our consent! Act and unseen forces will come to our aid, but you’ve got to do something.

    Great interview by the way I’ll be checking out the website

  • Curt

    The question is, “What is the endgame?”.  It may not just be about money and power, it may be about survival.   Everyone needs to look into the arrival of Planet X and recognize the following actions by the elite –

    Denver airport bunker readied
    Russian troops massed close by at Fort Hood
    Svalbard global seed vault operational
    Reckless government spending continues unabated
    Food industry sources say gov stockpiling survival food 2011
    Obama in a rush signs 132 Executive orders
    Massive police state rollout with TSA and HSD
    Hundreds of FEMA camps recently constructed across the US
    Rapid escalation in the use of domestic drones
    Disinformation continues re: ET’s despite escalation of sightings 
    Google Sky blacks out Nibiru in 2007 photo 5h 53m 27s, -6 10′ 56
    San Onofre shut down indefinitely
    Flight to bunkers by banking elite using mass arrests as cover
    Rapidly escalating global weather patterns
    China’s ghost cities prepare for post Nibiru encounter
    Carbon based global warming used as a ruse to explain weather changes
    Significantly increased solar activity occurring
    Earth as well as all planets in the solar system heating up
    Massive amounts plastic coffins being created and stockpiled 
    CIA moves headquarters from Virginia to Denver in 2005
    NASA ends its 30 yr shuttle program in 2011
    NASA issues emergency preparedness plan warning to NASA employees 
    Increased comet activity
    Strange sounds heard all over the world
    Military bases along the coast being evacuated

    • Scott Sando

      There maybe a large planet past Pluto but there’s not a planet that comes into the Inner solar system on a 3600 year orbit, that’s easily disprovable.

  • daveinspain

    @Curt now those statements sorry facts are scary….well done Curt for throwing out this information again….

  • ajw

    Since they have openly admitted that they want to kill 90% of us, maybe the Elite are planning on directing a small meteor to strike earth. This way they could kill us and institute martial law in a seemingly natural way. They could accelerate the meteor in space to 50k miles per hour then direct it at earth. Even relatively small meteors have huge effects to Earth. The 3,000 foot crater in Arizona was made by a 150 foot meteor.

    The end of the world doom stuff on the internet seems like a load of crap, even Alex Jones thinks so, yet the elite continue to build their bunkers.

    It is strange that they discontinued the Shuttle program, yet the secret military shuttle program remains very active.

  • Dan

    Sorry to say one of her solutions is already obsolete. My local farmers’ market has already become corrupt and infused with big gov cronyism. Only the sycophant connected friends and family get the license to set up booths. If a competitor has a better product, they are shafted so the crony can operate.

    Only way around it is to make personal local contacts.

  • Ed_B

    “The fact that the many among the world’s elite “worship” dark forces and are hell bent on destroying all that is good, is quantifiable. What you choose to believe about that piece of the information is purely up to you.”

    Right on, Sean! Of course, at one time, most of the people in Europe believed that the Earth was flat. Their mistaken belief did not, however, make it flat.

    “Since they have openly admitted that they want to kill 90% of us, maybe the Elite are planning on directing a small meteor to strike earth.”

    Good luck with that. The energy required to do that is out of the reach of current technology by SEVERAL orders of magnitude. It’s all we can do to launch and maneuver a glider that weighs several tons in low earth orbit. Imagine going out about 100 million miles into the solar system to find an asteroid and then exerting billions of lbs. of thrust on it to change its orbit. In a few hundred years this might become feasible. For now, though, not a chance.

  • Jj

    I am tired of worrying about our military. If we are disorganized and in need of security, they will provide it. It is up to us to keep from being needy of this assistance. Contact your Sheriff, and demand they set up emergency preparations by deputizing every able bodied man into service. We will police ourselves, which is how police departments originally started. Now if anyone wants to invade your county, that is another matter, but at least the lines would be clearly drawn, and the foggy confusion of war could not be used to confound Joe Soldier. We are fine here, General, please move on…

  • Steve_D

    Oh look they have just built a giant pyramid in the middle of the Olympic stadium during the closing ceremony, talk about putting it in your face.

  • ajw

    Space is a vacuum. Once you are in Space it requires very little energy to accelerate an object. With the Shuttle all it takes is one controlled “Burn” to accelerate the Shuttle in a particular direction.

    This is why ICBM’s leave Earth’s atmosphere, then do a burn and orbit Earth at incredible speed, then re-enter Earth’s atmosphere over the desired target.

  • MRH

    One of the best interviews, yet. Sean and Susanne, you are to be commended for the work you are doing, and I am forever grateful for your services to humanity.

    One of the more troubling aspects of this interview is in regards to the confiscation of our guns/weapons. Not only does Mrs. Posel provide information how this might happen, Jim Karger of the Dollar Vigilante discussed it in another piece that was posted a couple of weeks ago. Once is an anomaly, twice is a habit and once the third person steps in, it will be a trend.

    This is something that really concerns me. The guns/weapons issue could have neighbor against neighbor in a real big hurry. People would turn in their neighbor in a heart-beat, especially if there was trinket as a reward–let’s say free cable or air conditioning at the FEMA camp. Things are getting serious.

  • Learn

    Thanks Sean, great interview!

    I am SO, SO glad she talked about a virus wiping out the banking system because they created the virus to do just that, it’s all been planned.

    No fiat, no food. Remember he who controls the food controls the world and what better way to kill off the “useless eaters” as the elite call mankind and control those that are left. But the elites time will be short lived, very short indeed. The elite believe they are soon to acheive their apex, their zentih, their multi-millennia old conquest but they will fail and fail big time.

    20+ year Eschatology student.

  • deepsoulradio

    I wonder: when it comes to the motivation for all this Kinetic Military Action, how much of it is to save the Dollar (as Posel is saying) and how much of it is Chessboard encircling of Russia/China?

    Are there different factions coming together on this (not necessarily consciously, in a board room, but by “circumstance”)?

    It is all so wild.

  • Supernatural

    Yet what all the tension is about remains unsaid. So I’ll say it-it’s about the Kingdom of God coming to earth. Christ will return. Look at the template yourself in the book of Revelation. The way to assure your total victory is to be found in Christ. Yes, prepare for bad days, but above all, be found in Christ. He is not a fanciful religion but the Word of God, made flesh. God created all things by His Son, Jesus Christ. He is creator God and He alone will vanquish the Devil and return peace and freedom to earth. The meek shall inherit all things. Yet our fulfillment won’t come from that, but from being with God Himself. Get to know Christ and you will find He is everything to you. The world passes away, but being with God is abiding forever.

    • Steve_D

      I think you have it ass backwards, the crazies are trying to bring about the end of days by forcing it upon us. It is up to us to make sure their plan fails, not to just sit back and accept it like its a gift from the lord.

      That kind of thinking plays right into their hands.

      • Supernatural

        The ‘plan’ to let the devil have control is God’s plan–and He sees things much differently than you do. The same as Christ, His kingdom is not of this world, but is infinitely more powerful. So you say, ‘why doesn’t He just come down and straighten things out?’ It’s because His glory is so powerful it will destroy all who aren’t covered by His Son’s blood and filled with His Spirit. Yes, I agree it looks backwards when evil keeps winning, but the disciples thought the same thing–until they were converted. This world doesn’t have a snow-balls chance in Hell of defeating God. The real battle is for your soul and the souls of all men. This temporary world is more like a stage that will be torn down and re-set when God’s plan is finished unfolding. The best thing you can do to that end is live ‘all chips in’ for Christ, get on fire for Him. Get so close to Him you can hear His voice. Let Him guide you, and you may even earn an eternal reward.

  • Chuck

    I find it hard to believe that us troops will turn on the own people, there own family’s . I think if it comes down to it you will see a flood of troops
    To the people’s side, and along with them there tanks and planes will come also

  • Jeff

    I didn’t like that when Sean asked for positive advice/solutions her answer sounded all made up. This was a scary interview SGT. Let’s hope she’s got the end game completely wrong for all of our sakes.

  • Glitter1

    It all boils down to that we are living in the End Times of this AGE.Da 12:8 And I heard, but I understood not: then said I, O my Lord, what shall be the end of these things?
    Da 12:9 And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.
    Da 12:10 Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.

  • Ivan

    Sean, your site is awesome. Even do there is plenty of tin foil hat theory’s on you site, I still enjoy it.
    I just would like to hear on what can elite do to reduce population so substantially. War is long and messy and nuclear is not in any ones interest. Biological war is a good option but seems to fail, because it can’t spread fast enough or they cant figur out a good virus yet. Financial war is not good for wealthy people. So what is the best way to wipe out 90% of population?

  • Ivan

    Thanks, I remember that article.

  • Defender

    Not just this article/video but the entire page below it has to be the scariest & gloomiest compilation of articles ever to end up together.

    And the intensity is ramping up. They are coming at an ever more frenetic pace with ever more dire warnings. It’s like being in a hurricane listening to the screeching of the storm getting louder & louder and higher & higher pitched. At some point you just start saying “enough already!” Just bring it on as the ratcheting up of the tension is going to kill us before any SHTF thingies ever have a chance.

  • blindman

    Sean, I’m trying to find the actual text of the Executive Order that Obama signed that you and your guests keep saying gives the police the right to come and take your guns and kill you if you don’t comply. How can I get a copy of the actual document he signed? I’ve checked all the .gov sites with no luck. Thanks

    • SGT

      Obama has threatened to issue an executive order essentially enforcing everything in the cyber security bill which they could not lawfully get passed in Congress. That Bill has gun control/magazine bans buried in it. If that’s not what you’re referring to I’ll do some digging, but I’m at my day gig now – so hard to keep on top of everything 24/7… that’s why I created

  • Glitter1

    Sean, I view all physical reality through the spiritial.Everything we are going through/witnessing was predicted many years ago and I’m not talking about Nostradamus.Whether people believe that Jesus is who he claimed to be or the greatest fraud that ever walked the Earth,it really doesn’t matter because the Truth is the Truth and will manifest it’s self in due time.All of the references towards the end of the Age, the coming One World Government, the ascention of the World Ruler, the Cashless System (Implant,Re 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.), famine, eathquakes, pestilence, it can’t be denied it is all coming at us and fast.All of these things fill the the headlines, even SGT’s.The scriptures that reference all of these events are coming true before our eyes and can not be denied.They are indications of the signs of the times.Mt 24:3 And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?Mt 24:6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
    Mt 24:7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
    Mt 24:8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.With David Rockafeller et al talking about the FRID chip implant, cashless system,oppressive Agenda 21 etc,Depopulation of 90%.It’s all coming into view.Daniel 12,Mathew 24,Revelations.

  • blindman

    Sean, just pulled up the bill S.3414 on Cyber Security that failed in the senate in July. There are zero instances of the words “gun” or “guns” in the document. I’m not trying to be critical here believe me, but you always say to do your own research, prove it for yourself. Well I’m doing exactly that and so far I’ve found nothing except a pretty consistent message from Obama on gun control e.g. supports basic 2nd amendment rights but also strongly believes in doing what’s possible to reduce guns getting into the wrong hands (criminals, mentally ill, kids, etc.). Would appreciate any help in getting to the critical truth. Thanks in advance

    • SGT

      No prob b, we’re all trying to stay on top of this stuff together. The cyber security bill has a gun MAGAZINE ban attached to it. Not an outright gun ban. Here’s some info:

      Cyber security bill:


      (a) Definition.–Section 921(a) of title 18, United States Code, is amended by inserting after paragraph (29) the following:
      “(30) The term `large capacity ammunition feeding device’–
      “(A) means a magazine, belt, drum, feed strip, or similar device that has a capacity of, or that can be readily restored or converted to accept, more than 10 rounds of ammunition; but
      “(B) does not include an attached tubular device designed to accept, and capable of operating only with, .22 caliber rimfire ammunition.”.

  • frank

    The end game, I beleive, is that they want us to “return to serfdom”. They want to be kings over us. That’s why they wont kill all of us, just enough to make sure they will never be challenged again. Thats why the USA has to be smashed. Its that last great beacon of freedom that stands in their way. Like in Lord of the Rings. Once the great white city of Minas Tirith falls…the bad guys know they won.

  • frank

    Btw, anyone know why the dwarves never helped out in any of the fights? I know the elves took a beating in the two towers, but no dwarf army ever came to help. Anyone know why?

  • Velocity of Money

    There will not be a banking computer virus. The Banks want us to trust the electronic system because they seek a digital currency.

    • ivan

      i agree, and when i ask people about digital currency. they love the idea.

      • bubba

        they also love the idea of power, you know “electricity”…and without it, there will be no digital currency…so think about that one.

        FUCK digital currency…I have worked all my life to have 50 bucks cash in my pocket at any given time or $100…mostly to buy beer and pizza!

        so instead, I’ll carry a couple oz of silver and be able to pay pm’s for real tangible items.

        NO way digital anything is going much further.

  • A047

    Digital money? No thanks. I will stick with Gold and Silver. The only real money for 5,000 years.

  • Kim

    Dear Sean, I have to say SGTReport is my number ONE source for info! I have been a LeMet subsriber for well over a decade but you are mt favourite!
    I want to thank you for your hard work, strife and inner conviction and wish you all the very best.
    Oh by the way chilling but brilliant interview come what may?!?!?

  • Eric

    I notice some talk about all roads leading to Rome…

    This video is highly enlightening on the subject of Rome and the money masters, and how we may actually be destined to break their control over us once and for all:


  • Josh

    Assuming that all this comes to “fruition,” what does it matter if the government steals everything from our checking account? After all, it’s worthless fiat currency!

    Also, I understand that there is a certain amount of stress when that “record” button is blinking red so I’m not going to be too harsh about this, but the solution of “stop complying with the system in any way, shape, or form” is a logical fallacy, because the other solutions of buying food at a farmers’ market, precious metal investments, storable food/water, setting up community watches…all cost money and we have to comply with the system to get that money.

    And I’m not sure what would be the point of a community watch if we’re not supposed to be there when there’s a knock on the door?

  • David Liberty

    Highly unlikely … just another one of the “noise makers”.

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