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Exposed: ‘Auschwitz-like’ US death camp hospital in Kabul

from RussiaToday:

Senior US military officers blew the whistle on horrific conditions at the National Military Hospital in Kabul. They revealed some graphic images, showing severely neglected, starving patients at the hospital, which the US military sponsors and helps oversee. Witnesses describe the conditions there as “Auschwitz-like” – lacking basic necessities.

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6 comments to Exposed: ‘Auschwitz-like’ US death camp hospital in Kabul

  • Tony

    I pray there is a hell not only for the usual neocon suspects & their war machine but those Christian Zionists who support this abomination.

    Eternity is a loooong time!!

  • Ed_B

    There is definitely a Hell and it is mostly staffed with NeoLibs. Yes, eternity IS a long time and something that only idiot human beings could come up with as their idea of what God would do to people that they do not like. Rubbish! God is not petty like a lot of people.

  • oic

    its neocon’s fault when US foreign policy is run by obama?

    • Tony

      If anyone still believes foreign policy is run by obama or bush or puppet X, there truly is mo hope. If someone is only capable of one dimensional thinking we can not begin to solve the problem, only perpetuate it.

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