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Ellen Brown on WideAwakeNews Radio: The Web of Debt

from crabbydogtrix:

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2 comments to Ellen Brown on WideAwakeNews Radio: The Web of Debt

  • jeff

    Brown’s idea to trade one fiat currency for a different fiat currency will not change anything.

  • Ernie Messerschmidt

    It will make all the difference in the world. All modern currencies are fiat. We have 2 choices: 1) the banks — including their agent the Fed, which they own — “print” fiat money and use it to indebt and enslave us with unpayable compound interest,despoiling and raping the real economy in the process, or 2) the people through their government take credit creation into their own hands to support the real economy. The privilege of creating the money supply and using it for usury keeps a flow of unearned, unjust, rentier wealth going to the 1%. The difference between private creation of our fiat money and public creation is that between slavery and freedom. As Dr. Michael Hudson writes in his book The Bubble and Beyond, classical economics correctly identified the main problem of economic freedom as that of freeing ourselves from the feudal privileges of the “elite,” one of which is seignorage on creating the money. Creating the money is the main way our masters keep us enslaved, and that can be turned around.

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