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electric you…

by Clif High, Half Past Human:

We live inside an electric universe.

The sun is electric at the core of all its activities, not nuclear as suggested in last century. It must also be acknowledged that even nuclear radioactivity is but a difference in expression of electricity, rather than a difference of kind of energy.

The earth is electric, and produces and interacts with vast numbers of electromagnetic grids naturally occurring.

Humans are electric, and take great delight in playing with the essence of their very nature, electricity. Humans also produce and interact with vast numbers of electromagnetic grids, many not natural, nor native to earth.

You are electric, and as such are also an electricity sensor array of great and subtle power. When the little hairs on the back of your neck go straight up and quiver like a conehead at moons alignment as you pass that dark alley, you are registering the electric potential (voltage) of the bastard deep in the shadows waiting to jack the next fellow walking by. Of course, he was hoping that you were so inebriated (intoxicated) as to have shut down your electrical sensors for danger.

Since we are all electric in an all electric universe, it makes sense (pun intended) that we are sensors to all things electric…..including the future.

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1 comment to electric you…

  • Mr Numbertaker

    Interesting article.

    As for the ‘farsight’ stuff, I dismissed much of it early on, but reading some recent studies on ‘pole shifts’ have made me reconsider. Strange flood events have been recorded geologically (as have previous pole shifts) around the globe. One study suggested tectonic displacements may occur during a pole shift. Tectonic displacement could indeed cause flood events on a global or regional scale. Its all interesting stuff but some of it is still a bit ‘out there’ for the man on the street.

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